Class of 2021 Officers

    06.04.18 | News

    Class of 2021 Elders

    Sandy Brown
    Sandy has been a member of PHPC since 1993, along with wife Diane, daughter Sarah and son Will. He works as an attorney and was been a member of the Pastor Nominating Committee that called Rev. Matthew Ruffner. He has taught Sunday school and is on the Executive Board of the Circle Ten Council of the Boy Scouts of America. 

    “My dream for PHPC is to be a welcoming, inclusive, enthusiastic church that changes the world in the name of Christ.”

    Kathy Lett
    Kathy and her husband Billy joined PHPC in 2010. The couple has two children, Lee and Lizzie. She works as an attorney and has taught Sunday School and volunteered at VBS and other Children’s Ministry programs. She is on the board of the Epilepsy Foundation of Texas and the LPA Stroke Awareness Foundation.

    “I would love to see PHPC grow as a loving, accepting community for those looking for a church home.”

    Rob Fix
    Rob and wife Laura have been members of PHPC since 1999. They have one son, Michael. Rob sings in the choir and was a member of the search team for a new organist. He is the director of franchise sales for Gatti’s Pizza and Gigi’s Cupcakes.

    “My dream for PHPC is to dynamically impact and influence people’s lives, both within the church and outside the walls.”

    Caroline Livingston
    Caroline grew up at PHPC and was confirmed here in 9th grade. Her parents are John and Julie Livingston, and her grandfather is Leo Mott. She works as an associate at Willis Towers Watson and is involved in the Slipper Club of Dallas. At PHPC, she is involved in the Young Adult Ministry and Worship at Five.

    “My dream for PHPC is growth, diversity, inclusion. I want to be a church that serves, leads others toward Christ, and shines as a beacon of faith, hope and love.”

    Judy Woodward
    Judy and her husband Stan have been members of PHPC since 1995. She is a Sunday school teacher and is active in Youth ministry, Creative Arts Workshop and Vacation Bible School. Outside of PHPC, she works as a patient advocate/lobbyist and community volunteer for organizations like the Girl Scouts, Parish Episcopal School and the National Lymphedema Network. She is on the board of the Dallas Children’s Theater. 

    “I would love for our church to be an oasis for families in the midst of our complex city/culture.”

    Micayla Clark
    Micayla  has grown up at PHPC. Her parents are Mike and Lynn Clark, and sister, Cara. She attends Jasper High School in Plano and is active in the Youth House.

    “I would love to see PHPC grow as a loving, accepting community for those looking for a church home.”

    Class of 2021 deacons

    Joy Apple
    Joy has been a member of PHPC since 2007. She is a retired educator. She is a member of Presbyterian Women and has served as an usher for memorial services. She is on the board of the Irving Healthcare Foundation and has served on the board of the Irving Women’s Club, the Warren Center, and Austin College.

    “My dream for Congregational Care at PHPC is to reach out to those in need, and to involve young adults in the church.”

    Alberta Armstrong
    Birdie and her husband Rob have been members at PHPC since 2002. She is a retired nurse and PDO teacher at PHPS. She and Rob have three children: Bo, Kate and Meredith. She is active in Bible study, PHPC Serves, Mo Ranch, and McShan Elementary as well as an RISD volunteer.

    “I would like to continue the work of a welcoming and affirming church, with emphasis on those who feel alone or unconnected. I would like to offer strength and support to new mothers and fathers.”

    David Beshear
    David and his wife Elizabeth have three children: Ellie, Gage and Ben, and have been members at PHPC since 2003. He has been active on the Stewardship Committee and in Stephen Ministry.

    “I would like to focus on making a difference in people’s daily lives.”

    Aimee Marstiller
    Aimee has been a member at PHPC since 2006 and works for Cinemark USA. She was baptized at PHPC as an infant and confirmed in 9th grade. She volunteers in the Youth House. Outside of PHPC, she volunteers with WE Day Texas, aimed at inspiring youth to make a difference in their community.

    “I want us to provide hope, love and inspiration for those who need it and those who weren’t expecting it. I want to have a strong support system in place for those with joys and concerns.”

    Susan McDaniel
    Susan is a retired IT sales executive. She and husband Stuart Craft have been members since 2008. She is on the board of the Faith and Grief ministry and is active as a McShan Elementary volunteer and member of the small group ministry.

    “I want to help make a difference in the lives of those who are not historically served.”

    Anna Roberts
    Anna is a student at Ursuline Academy and is the daughter of Matt and Tami Roberts. She is on the Youth Ministry team, the refugee welcome team, and has ushered at PHPC since she was 6. She is a member of the Rangerettes dance team at Ursuline.

    “I hope that we continue to support and care for each other as individuals and as a church.”