Glennon Doyle at PHPC

    04.26.18 |

    On Tuesday, April 24, PHPC welcomed author and activist Glennon Doyle to our Sanctuary for an evening filled with laughter, tears and inspiration. Glennon Doyle is the #1 New York Times Bestselling author of LOVE WARRIOR, a 2016 Oprah's Book Club selection, as well as the hilarious New York Times Bestseller CARRY ON, WARRIOR. She is an activist, speaker and founder of Together Rising, a non-profit organization that has raised over seven million dollars for women, families and children in crisis. Glennon is also the creator of, an online community where millions of readers meet each week to experience her shameless and hilarious essays about marriage, motherhood, faith, mental health, addiction, recovery and connection.

    Sponsored by the PHPC Foundation, the event attracted almost 900 people from 12 states and 61 cities. Glennon spoke for almost an hour and a half on justice, kindness and love. She told stories about her addiction and sobriety, her thoughts on raising healthy girls and boys in today's climate, using pain as motivation, and what she feels is the most pressing issue facing us today - race. Below are some quotes from the evening!

    "We can't stand our own pain and we can't handle other people's pain. We try to explain it away or cover over it."

    "When you ask a woman who she is, she'll tell you who she loves, who she serves, and sometimes what she does." 

    "Growing up is not the becoming of anything. At some point the world get snatched out from under you and you get evicted from your life- something that divides your life into the before and after. That's when the unbecoming starts. That's when you start to see what's left over- who you really are." 

    "Every time I get an identity ripped from me, it's really an invitation to be who I am." 

    "Don't knock the mountain top. All you can do up there is stand still and try not to fall. The valley is where the river is. The valley is where all the power is."

    "We in America assume that the goal in life is to be happy and to act like nothing is ever hard, and that is just making us so lonely and crazy." 

    "There is a God, or a force, or a way of things that just keeps saying to me and says get up, stand up, come dance with me." 

    "Church should be the place that makes the uncomfortable comfortable, and the comfortable  uncomfortable." 

    "Jesus essentially asked two questions: who is power forgetting, and who is religion oppressing?" 

    "If we look around our church and don't see any brown or black peoples, gay kids, transgender kids, refugees, people who are mentally challenged, then we might have a country club but we sure don't have a church." 

    "When people are brave enough to speak their truth, it makes space for everyone to speak their truth. There aren't more gay people now then there used to be, there's just more space." 

    "The best indicator about whether or not we would have shown Up in that civil rights era- in the 60s- is whether or not we're showing up in this civil rights era." 

    "I realized- nothing will ever change until people who think of themselves as marchers start marching." 

    "The civil rights movement is just one movement, it's just one fight. So the first thing that white people need to do at the March is apologize for it taking so long for us to get there, and then shut up." 

    "White people justice has started looking like just saying the right thing- just having the perfect tweet. It's not about saying the right thing, it's about becoming the right thing. The way to become the right thing is to learn." 

    "Women of color have always been the prophets in this country. If you want to know how to be a prophet- pay attention to women of color. That's who I learn from." 

    "White privilege does not mean you haven't suffered, it just means you haven't suffered specifically because you're white." 

    "In a patriarchal society, little girls either get sick or the get pissed."

    "We are made of three parts- body, mind, spirit. Women are taught that one third of them - bodies - is not safe to live in." 

    "Boys are being taught that they can't have emotions, so women lose their bodies and men lose their emotions. We just keep missing each other."

    "Feminists in this country who care about little girls, we gotta get to boys. The greatest threat to women right now is angry, desensitized white boys who have been taught from the beginning that they can't feel." 

    We have to remind ourselves that men are as human as we are, but they have never been allowed to feel any of it.

    A broken heart is not to be avoided. The world changers I know, are doing everything beautiful in their life because of their broken hearts.

    It's better to be overwhelmed than underwhelmed. If you're not angry you're not paying attention. If you're not broken hearted, you're not sensitive enough. We could do better with pain.

    If you do the research, 89% of the messages we receive in a day is someone trying to sell you something.

    Our economy runs mainly on making women feel less than, because women who feel less than big more.

    Every great religious leader has told a very different story about pain. They said life is pain.

    I don't know why girls always think they need so many friends. Jesus only had 12 friends and he only liked one of them.

    Jesus was doing justice work, which will always get you crucified.

    There is no glory except walking through your pain. That's what it means to pick up your cross.

    We just want peace. But we can't get peace without justice first.

    There's fight, flight, and then there's invite. The best criticism of something that's not working is to make something better. That's what Jesus did. He was in a world that was misogynistic and nationalistic, and said no- this isn't beautiful, so they created something better.

    I think we are envious of people that are doing things we are meant to be doing. So if you want to change the world, pay attention to who you envy and then ask yourself- what breaks your heart?

    Love and purpose are always awkward. If it feels cool, you're not doing it right.

    When a woman has the worst thing happen to her- she losses a spouse or a child- there inevitably is a second loss, which is the loss of all her friends. And that often happens because friends don't know what to say. Grief is the last thing a woman has- it's the receipt that says "look, I loved once," so the last thing a woman wants is for someone to snatch that receipt away from her.

    Friendship is just two people not trying to be god together.