Meet Our Monie Pastoral Resident

    09.07.17 | News by PHPC News

    Jessie Light, Preston Hollow’s Monie Pastoral Resident, will be with PHPC for the next two years. She grew up in Kansas City, KS before heading to Vanderbilt for college, where she studied Human and Organizational Development. She had the chance to move home for a year after college to work at Village Presbyterian Church. “That was an incredible discernment experience and a great chance to spend time with family,” she said.

    She first sensed a call to seminary when she was 16. “Church was always a home for me, but I first envisioned myself as a leader in the community when I attended General Assembly as a young adult advisory delegate,” she said. “I realized that the church could speak prophetically and meaningfully to the world. By my senior year, I realized that there was no community in which I had invested as much time, energy, and passion than the church. 

    “On a spiritual level, I also recognized within myself a growing need to make meaning, to explore my own theology, and to listen to God’s call. Both practically and spiritually, I began to realize that God was absolutely calling me to seminary.”

    She attended Austin Seminary, where the community challenged her in unexpected and beautiful ways, and she built the relationships that will sustain her for the rest of her ministry. 

    Jessie is one of the leaders for PHPC’s new worship service, Worship at Five. “My goal is for the service to profoundly inspire people in their spiritual journeys, and release an unstoppable wave of creative, poetic, and imaginative energy into the congregation.”

    In just two weeks officially on the job, Jessie says she has experienced a very warm welcome. “I’ve been so humbled by how many people in the community have offered me hospitality and care. But even more so, I am blown away by how the church has welcomed so many from our community,” she said. “It was a joy to be present during our Hurricane Relief Effort event and to witness the welcoming spirit of the congregation toward so many members of our larger community as we packed meals and supplies to be sent to Houston. To see our church mobilize so quickly to serve those in need was awe-inspiring and wonderful.”