Welcome, New Members!

    09.28.17 | News by PHPC News

    Bill and Emily Arnold
    Emily is the daughter of PHPC members Dr. Elizabeth Small and Stan Herrin.  Bill and Emily were married at PHPC in 2015, and have one daughter, Charlotte.


    Myrph and Marilyn Foote
    Myrph and Marilyn are recently married.  Marilyn was previously a member of PHPC after college.


    Will and Toby Jordan
    The Jordans have two grown children, Russell and Stephen.  They are long-time Presbyterians and have been extremely active in their previous churches. Both are elders, and Will is a Deacon.


    Brian and Jennifer McCrea
    They have two children, Kate, 14 and Gavin, 12.  Both were members of Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL.  They have attended PHPC since moving to Texas in 2014.  Kate is in the current confirmation class.


    Abel Morón and Martha Pier-Morón
    They are parents of Gabriel (17 months) and are expecting their second child.  Martha is a pediatric nurse at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, and Abel is a physician at North Texas Gynecologic Oncology.  They were previously at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York, NY, where they lived for three years.

    Carter and Whitney Rose
    The Roses have two children, Kennedy, 3, and Tucker, 1. Carter is a well-known photographer and he has taken pictures at PHPC events.


    Linda Spencer
    Linda has visited PHPC many times, and her daughter’s wedding was officiated by Rev. Blair Monie.


    Willard and Lu Tompson
    The Tompsons both grew up in Texas and met at SMU. Will displayed his wood art in our summer art show.  Will is a Deacon and an Elder.


    Zach Wells

    Zach is the Associate Director of Music at PHPC and is engaged to Jessie Light, Monie Pastoral Resident at PHPC.


    John and Janey West
    John and Janey have four daughters and six grandchildren.  In 2012, they moved to Dallas from Midland and have been repeat visitors this summer.  They are neighbors of Terry and Ann O’Hara and have attended the Fellowship Class.