Worship at Five

Worship at five Promo 2019 from Preston Hollow Presbyterian on Vimeo.

Join us each Sunday for Worship at Five, 5 p.m. in Founders Hall.

We will gather around a table, around a fresh loaf of bread and the cup of renewal. We will gather to make joyful noises, encouraging all ages to join in songs, old and new, with toes tapping and hands clapping. We will gather to hear familiar stories expressed creatively, and to respond faithfully with our hands and our hearts. 

What is the order of worship like?  

It's worship, as holy as it's always been.  Worship at 5 follows the reformed worship tradition, very similar to the order we have during our Sunday morning worship services, although some liturgical elements may be explored in new ways.  Each week, the service includes a Call to Worship, Prayer of Confession, Sermon, Prayers of the People, Offering, Music, and Communion by intinction. Baptism Sundays will also be celebrated. 

Who is this service for?

Any and all who prefer to worship God in a different way.  Worship at 5 is intergenerational and open to young and "tenured" alike, to folks inside and outside our community, and those in our neighborhood who are searching for a place to grow in faith.

What kind of music is offered?

We sing older hymns and newer tunes, accompanied by piano, guitar, bass, and drums. The musical styles vary from song to song, but you can expect some hand clapping, bluegrass, gospel, and folk-rock. The musical integrity and quality is what we have all come to expect at PHPC. Check out some samples of what the musical will be like:  

Is there childcare?  

Yes!  Just like we have at other services.  However, all are welcome, and children are encouraged to worship with their families.

Is This Service streamed

Yes!  We stream live every week on our Facebook page here.