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2014 Elders

The Session is comprised of 16 Elders. The Session’s primary responsibilities are to offer prayerful support of the congregation’s members and its ministries and to supervise the work of the church using measurements of effectiveness which assure the best use of limited resources.

Rob Armstrong Melody Mattox
Rachel Baumann Andrew Meyercord
Lynn Clark Randy Skattum
Bert Colter Isabel Standbridge (Youth Elder)
Ken Gilbert Shane Sumrow
Anné Hughes Debbie Tunnell
Susan Kilgore Stan Woodward
Charlotte Kroeker Mike Wright










2014 Deacons


The PHPC Diaconate is comprised of 16 Deacons. The Diaconate oversees many of the caring ministries of the church. Its four main areas include Care Groups, FIC (Friends in Christ), SEED (Spiritual Enrichment Every Day), and the ministries of the Church Gerontologist, Dee Wadsworth.

Jim Aiken Carol Poteet
Kristen Birkhoff (Youth Deacon)  Peggy Reppe
Abbe Bolich Russ Richard
Gary Hammer Matt Roberts
Kristine Kamm Gilbert Segovia
Lynda Lehn Sandy Watson
Ed Love Karen Wiese
Gene Massad Z Zsohar

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Nominations for Class of 2018

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Session Goals for the Church

PHPC members are connected to the body of Christ, the Church.

Christ’s love is shown to guests and strangers.