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2015 Elders

 The Session is comprised of 16 Elders. The Session’s primary responsibilities are to offer prayerful support of the congregation’s members and its ministries and to supervise the work of the church using measurements of effectiveness which assure the best use of limited resources.

Rob Armstrong Rachel Kennedy
Lisa Centala Susan Kilgore
Bert Colter Sarah Kinard
Lynn Clark Charlotte Kroeker
Janelle Crays Rubie Loman (Youth)
Anna Crowling (Youth) Melody Mattox
Ruth Ann Ernst  Andy Meyercord
Kevin Forbes  Todd Owen
Ken Gilbert  Randy Skattum
Amy Haub  Kent Stadler
Rus Holloway  Jim Watkins

2015 Deacons


The PHPC Diaconate is comprised of 16 Deacons. During 2015/16 there will be 20 Deacons as we align terms with the church calendar. The Diaconate oversees many of the caring ministries of the church. Its four main areas include Care Groups, FIC (Friends in Christ), SEED (Spiritual Enrichment Every Day), and the ministries of the Church Gerontologist, Dee Wadsworth.


Jim Aiken Gene Massad
Julie Anderson Sarah Moore (Youth)
Jaye Andrews Carol Poteet
Walter Barnes Russ Richard
Abby Bolich Matt Roberts
Becky Elam Annette Rutherford
David Gafford Gilbert Segovia
Sarah Hammontree  Curtis Swinson
JoAnn House Sandy Watson
Lisa Johnson Karen Wiese
Linda Lehn Will Wise (Youth)

Clerk of Session

Jim Finley

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Session Goals for the Church

PHPC members are connected to the body of Christ, the Church.

Christ’s love is shown to guests and strangers.