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2014 Campaign Details

Our Stewardship theme this fall is thoughtful: “Far More Than We Can Imagine.” Taken from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (chapter 3, verse 20, if you’d like to look it up), it reminds us that God is “able to do far more than we can ask or imagine.” That’s good news. As I pray, for instance, for those I love, I’m glad to know that our God is an able God. Not only that, but God’s abilities go beyond the expected, into realms that are unimaginable.

-Blair Monie, Pastor, Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church


Stewardship 2014 Videos

As part of Stewardship 2014, we have asked members of the congregation to reflect on those experiences at PHPC where God's will has clearly led us to places that are "Far More Than We Can Imagine." 

In the video below, Jill and Hal Hickey talk about what drew them to becoming members at PHPC and their hopes for the future of the church.

In the video below, Linda Humphries talks about PHPC's flagship mission, VMLC and how it grew from a simple response to a single need to a multi-faceted mission that has far exceeded expectations.



 In the video below, John Scovell talks about the history of the church and congregation and how the early founders with God's will paved the way for today and the future.


In the video below, Jim Brown talks about the original call to PHPC for Senior Pastor Blair Monie.



Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to make a pledge?
The church asks each year for "estimates of giving" to assist with budgeting for expenditures in the coming year. Making a pledge is an informal commitment to give in the coming year.

How do I pay my pledge?
You can request weekly offering envelopes, ask the church to set up automatic giving (MasterCard, Visa, or EFT), or set up and manage a recurring donation online. You will be prompted to choose an option when you make your pledge.

I take my commitments seriously. I’m thinking about pledging, but I’m concerned about my employment status. If I have a change in my status, can I adjust my pledge?
Yes, your estimate of giving can be changed or cancelled at any time for any reason in a confidential way. Just contact the Finance Office at PHPC at or 214-368-6348, ext. 130.

I’m a young adult and don’t have a lot to give right now. Will my pledge of a small amount make a difference?
Yes! If everyone who hasn’t been giving committed to give (regardless of the amount), the church could surpass our current level of giving. Your gift makes a great deal of difference.

What does it mean to be a good steward?
In modern terms, a steward is a "manager," given responsibility to administer faithfully all that God has entrusted to us—making a difference in the world as a follower of Jesus Christ.

I have given faithfully in the past, but I have never made a formal pledge. Why should I?
We appreciate all gifts made to the church, but formal pledges help us plan financially and program ministries and outreach accordingly.

When does my estimate of giving amount go into effect?
January 1, 2014.

Will PHPC send me statements?
Yes, if you give, you will receive a quarterly statement of your contributions for your tax records and to confirm the accuracy of our records.

If you have any questions about giving or pledging, please contanct the finance office at 214-368-6348, ext. 130 or