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Easter Offerings
One Great Hour of Sharing

Since 1949, Presbyterians have joined with millions of other Christians through One Great Hour of Sharing to spread God’s love with those in need. Your gift assists those affected by natural disasters, provides food to the hungry, and helps build strong communities. PHPC is participating in One Great Hour of Sharing this Easter. To make a donation, please make your checks out to Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church and write “OGHS” in the memo line. Write “Easter” in the memo line for your donation to be split between One Great Hour of Sharing and the Nicaragua offering. See the bulletin insert on Easter Sunday to learn more about One Great Hour of Sharing. 

Flowering of the Cross

All children are invited to bring flowers from a home garden, or make a flower, or use flowers provided at the church to adorn the cross in Jubilee Plaza and to celebrate our Risen Lord! No preparation is required, stop in Jubilee Plaza before the service begins to add your flower to the display. There will be no Sunday School on Easter so that all family members can attend worship together. This offering in honor of the risen Lord can also provide an opportunity for families to talk about the meaning of the cross and the resurrecti