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To access myPHPC, click here.

Welcome to myPHPC. If you need instructions on setting up your profile, below is a step-by-step outline on how to do so.


If you need assistance in uploading a photo to your profile, view the video below.


The video below features our new pastor, the Rev. Matthew Ruffner, encouraging you to create your login for myPHPC. 


How to Create a myPHPC Login 

If you are a PHPC member, you are able to access the church database to edit your personal information and to view the online pictorial directory. You must first create a login. The steps are as follow: 

1.     In the address bar on your internet browser, go to

2.     On the homepage, scroll down and click on the myPHPC logo.

3.     Click "Need a login"


4.     Enter your email address, first name, and last name. The suffix field is optional. When you have entered the information, click the FIND                       ME button.

     a.     Note: Your first name, last name, and email address MUST match with the church's database for you to be given an account. If you have                    any problems, please contact Lisa White at the church office at 214-368-6348 or


5.     You will receive an email containing your username and password for logging in (be sure to check your Spam folder). When you have received          the email, return to myPHPC on the church website.


6.     Enter the username and password sent to you by email in the fields provided.


7.     The system will require you to change your password with the first successful login. Enter a password of your choice.




What is myPHPC?

myPHPC is an online tool that allows PHPC members to stay connected. Using the tool you have the ability to:

  • Access your PHPC profile
  • Update your personal information
  • Add an individual picture
  • Access the real-time church directory
  • Direct email from the church directory
  • View your personal financial contributions and get your tax statement online
  • More features planned for the future!

How can I access myPHPC on my smartphone?

The Church Life app is free and is the easiest way to access myPHPC on your smart mobile device. For instructions on how to use Church Life, click here.

How do I upload a photo to my profile?

For detailed instructions on how to upload a profile photo, click here.

Is myPHPC secure?

Yes. myPHPC is a secure site that is supported through ACS Technologies, the largest developer of church management software in the industry. They host our information on a securedata server that is subject to routine audits to ensure the safety and privacy of our data.

Who can view my church profile?

Only registered PHPC members have access to contact information via their password. No one else on the internet can see your information. Users MUST be in our database before they are given a password.

Is my church directory profile on the internet?


Is my church directory profile on Facebook?


What information is on my church directory profile?

  • Your picture, first and last name, street address, preferred email address, and primary phone number.
  • If you wish to "opt-out" of the church directory please contact Lisa White at or at 214-368-6348 ext. 115.

What about the old printed directory?

This exciting new system replaces the printed directories. It is much easier to keep up to date and has more flexibility and accessibility. If you desire, you can print your own hardcopy from your printer.

For other myPHPC questions or concerns, please contact Adrienne Nicholson at the church office at 214-368-6348 ext 179 or