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Worship at Five Celebrate One Year!

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“Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes.
How do you measure,
Measure a year?

In daylights?
In sunsets?
In midnights?
In cups of coffee?
In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife?”

- “Seasons of Love” from RENT the Musical

Worship@5 Birthday Party!

How do you measure a year of Worship at Five?

Last September, PHPC took a leap of faith and launched a new worship service in a different space, at a different time, with different music. A handful of people were elated, curious, and excited to try something new. Still others were (and perhaps still are) skeptical or uninterested. I myself was just a few weeks into my first pastoral call, still trying to figure out how to set up my email account, putting books on my bookshelves and learning my way around the building.

Whether it was my own imposter syndrome or the fact that there were exactly 21 days between my first day at PHPC and the launch of Worship at Five (eek!), in no way did I actually feel prepared to coordinate and pastor a brand new worship service… But the Holy Spirit moves in mysterious and grace-filled ways. The Spirit seemed to know what she was doing when the doors of Founder’s Hall opened that first Sunday evening and people of all ages found seats under the string lights. The Spirit danced and moved about the space in the weeks to come as more and more folks found their way to the nametag table and the Communion table. The Spirit continues to surprise and astound me, calling us to share meals together and move the chairs around, to sing from the heart and to listen to the voices of children.

So how do you measure a year of Worship at Five?

In potlucks?
In laughter?
In dancing?
In loaves of communion bread?
In tears cried, in vulnerability shared, in new relationships formed, in children’s sermons?

I think the only way we can measure this year is in love- in love shared and grown and made real. I give so much thanks for a church that is willing to try something new, that continues to listen to the Holy Spirit, that lives into a vision where every person has a place at the table.
And I give thanks that you’ve called me to be a part of it.

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by Allison Lorimer

When Musikgarten arrived at PHPC, my past involvement in young choirs and preschool-aged kids had me interested in the program. Six other volunteers and I participated in the 17-hour instruction, and I was hooked. Assimilation into the world happens in every waking moment after birth. How fantastic to be part of that! 

Each Sunday, parents and their young children attend our class. Our leaders engage families in singing, moving, listening, instrument playing, and patterns. Adults sing, generate full body beats, chant, beat drums and sticks, and hear patterns in major and minor keys and generally bathe the kids in aural experiences. I watch the eyes of the infants and see that music is such a strong means of communication because it soothes, focuses attention and stimulates response. 

The opportunity to work with the young children of the church and their parents, in this critical phase in their human development, has been inspiring. We are supported by the music staff at PHPC who supply all instruments and recordings and create thoughtful lesson plans to follow. This collaboration between staff and volunteers has been a rewarding part of the program.

Watching the wonder and amazement of the Musikgarten experience for our babies and parents at PHPC energizes those of us who participate. Sometimes the simplest experiences—with babies deep in concentration—result in a toddler or infant refreshed, joyful, and satisfied. Wonder is the leaven of spirituality and takes careful nourishment to bloom if it is to remain a gift for life.

Musikgarten is a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to bond. It also has the added benefit of jumpstarting a child’s development. Musikgarten has Sunday morning courses this summer and fall. Also, a new weekday course will start this September!
Visit to sign up. To invest your gifts as a volunteer, contact Associate Director of Music Michael Groff at or 214.368.6348 ext 168.

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