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Mahlon  Hight

Mahlon Hight

Congregational Care and Senior Adult Ministry Coordinatoroffice: 214.368.6348 ext 118 .

We are pleased to welcome Mahlon Hight to the Congregational Care department at Preston Hollow.  She began her work on Monday, May 13, 2019.  A lifelong Methodist, Mahlon comes to us from the staff of Northaven United Methodist Church, where she served as Minister of Congregational Life for five years.  Mahlon holds a Master of Church Ministries from Perkins School of Theology at SMU and is a certified Spiritual Director.  A native of Dallas, she and her husband are residents of Lake Highlands.


Recently, Mahlon offered some personal reflection on her sense of call and accepting the position of Coordinator for Congregational Care and Senior Adult Ministry:

 Please say a word about why this position at this time is appealing to you.

 This position is a dream come true because it will allow me to go deeper into this important area of care without the distraction of having the responsibility of other areas of focus (my last 2 positions have included Care, but also Adult Education and Membership.)

Tell us a bit about the path that has brought you to this opportunity. 

Over the last 10 years I have increasingly been involved with Care and Sr. Adult Ministry - though not "officially," but by the fact that that population has been a larger and larger part of the congregations where I have been serving. I have found that a lot of my focus has been on how to best address this important demographic in a way that continues their growth in faith and honors who they are as individuals. 

What about ministry in the church captures your imagination and passions?

 I believe that spiritual and faith formation is a life long process, one that must be nurtured and encouraged throughout our lives. That belief is what forms the foundation of my ministry. The belief that life is better when we are in a dynamic relationship with our Creator and exploring ways to grow in that relationship is what excites me about ministry.

What or who inspires your call to serve in this way?

I think my family is one of the biggest inspirations. My parents and my in-laws are all the same age, born within a few months of each other. Within the last 9 years I have had the privilege of walking alongside my parents as we moved through my dad's cancer diagnosis and death, my father-in-law's Alzheimers which ultimately resulted in his death, my mother's memory decline and move across the country and the creative and indomitable spirit of my mother-in-law who continues to amaze and inspire me (she accompanied me on the Guatemalan mission trip a year ago at age 84.) All four of these important people have showed me just 4 facets of the aging process - all extremely different, all need or needed different things from their communities of faith and all four enrich my life in ongoing ways. 

What interests do you pursue in life beyond your work?

I like to learn. Whether it is learning about important issues, or people, or how to do something I've never done, learning excites me. I love to read. Getting immersed in a good book is something I really enjoy. I also enjoy cooking, entertaining and my husband and I like to travel/camp.  Involvement in efforts to improve life for others has always been an important part of what I seek to do outside work. In recent years there has been some overlap of two important efforts, but they were not a part of my job responsibilities: I have traveled to Guatemala on 2 mission trips and I have worked closely with the Reconciling Ministries Network which is the effort to bring full equality to LGBTQIA within the UMC.

Would you share something about your faith background?

I am, as they say, a "cradle Methodist." My parents had me baptized in the Methodist church when I was an infant and I have attended the UMC most of my life. That is my church, or denominational background, my actual journey in faith did not consciously begin until I was in my early 30s. Prior to that I was a very busy church-goer, on lots of committees, regular attender etc..., but it was not until my personal life took a turn that left me questioning my relationship with God that I began seeking a deeper understanding of that relationship. Ultimately that led me to seminary and a desire to help others deepen in their faith.