Worship & Music Coordinator


PURPOSE:    To serve the church by coordinating the planning of Worship services and the administration of the music ministry in collaboration with Clergy and Worship Leaders at Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church.


ACCOUNTABILITY:  The Worship & Music Coordinator shall be directly responsible to the Director of Music, the Senior Pastor and through them to the Staff Committee.  The Director of Music will review the performance of the Worship & Music Coordinator in accordance with procedures established by the Staff Committee.


PRIMARY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  The Worship Coordinator will work with other members of the church staff and perform the following responsibilities using initiative and creativity:

  1. Oversee Worship Planning and Coordination
    • Work closely with Clergy and Worship Planning team
    • Maintain worship calendar
    • Work with Worship Committee
    • Oversee all worship services: weekly and occasional
    • Coordinate and approve all worship bulletins
    • Coordinate details regarding sermon series and liturgical seasons
    • Design and print weekly hymn sheets used by pastors, choirs and other members of the congregation and staff
  2. Coordination for PHPC-hosted concerts given by guest groups (e.g. DSO On the Go)
    • Logistics
    • Communication with guests/presenters
    • Programs
    • Coordination of publicity
    • Sign-ups for ushers/greeters
    • Contracts
  3. Budget/purchasing
    • Facilitate purchases of materials, music, and services within annual budget
    • Track spending in relation to budget
    • Keep accurate records of purchase and receipts
    • Reconcile accounting monthly on Amex statement
  4. Logistics for Sanctuary Choir special events (e.g. outside concerts)
    • Online signups
    • Sorting/collating of rosters and data
    • Coordinating vendors/stakeholders
    • Bus rental/meal arrangements, etc.
    • Other logistics as necessary
    • Contracts
  5. Attend/participate in and coordinate logistics for department special events including but not limited to:
    • Music Ministry Sunday
    • Carolfest
    • Chrismas Music Sunday
    • Masterworks
    • Americana
  6. Timely submission of calendar requests to Reception/Administrative Assistant
    • Coordinate staff and volunteers for timely setup and teardown
    • Structure reservations to prevent over-booking of spaces
  7. Maintain and update all required licenses for streaming/broadcast, etc.
    • Report worship music to all appropriate license holders
    • Obtain and track appropriate licensing for any public distribution of performances.
  8. Handbell logistics
    • Inventory and arranging for repairs
    • Equipment purchasing
    • Setup for performance weekends
  9. Regular website updates for the music department
    • Sanctuary Choir listening links
    • Sanctuary Choir weekly newsletter
    • Sanctuary Choir complete roster
  10. Music ministry communication
    • Maintain the music mailing list and segments through third party mailing service (i.e. Mailchimp) for each ensemble
    • Design and format all communication from the music department in coordination with Director of Communications and Director of Media as appropriate.
    • Work to ensure that publications pertaining to music (programs, bulletins, etc.) follow standard formats.
  11. Music Tour Coordination (possible trip to Cincinnati in spring 2023 and summer European tour in 2023 or 2024.)
    • Registration
    • Track and maintain individual records containing personal information
    • Collect deposits and fees in coordination with Finance department and provide accurate accounting
    • Additions/cancellations
    • Coordination with Tour Company
    • Roommates
    • Performance details
    • Venues
    • Programs
    • Recording
    • Advertising
    • Transportation
    • Contracts.
  12. Instrument Maintenance
    • Budget, schedule, track maintenance on all musical instruments at PHPC
  13. Organs (in consultation with the Artist-in-Residence/Organist)
  14. Pianos:  performance, rehearsal and non-used inventory.
  15. Work as a team with PHPC staff
    • Attend appropriate staff planning meetings, committee meetings, and/or leadership team meetings.
  16. Participate in churchwide events.
  17. Maintain office hours in consultation with the Director of Music.  This includes attending weekly staff meetings, planning meetings, calendar and event coordination meetings, etc.
  18. Undertake other responsibilities based on interest and need or as assigned by the Director of Music.
  19. ADDITIONAL SKILLS WELCOME:  Music formatting and printing

Competency in one standard music notation software (i.e. Finale or Sibelius.) Understanding of musical terms, basic formatting, and style practice. Ability to transcribe music for editing, reformatting, and excerpting.


Essential functions may change as the nature of business demands change.


Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:

Serves the Goals of the Church:  Works to accomplish the overall goals of the church within the scope of the position.

Communication/Hospitality:  Communicates effectively and professionally (both verbally and written) with all members, guests, and staff. Generates a sense of hospitality by his/her very presence; communicates a sense of availability, warmth, openness and approachability.

Interpersonal Skills:  Establishes good working relationships; works well with people at all levels; considers the impact of his/her actions on others; uses diplomacy and tact; is approachable; avoids communication triangles.

Volunteer Management:  Provides direction, gains commitment, facilitates change, engages people in their areas of giftedness and passion.

Leadership Development:  Encourages others to discover and engage their giftedness and skills in service; calls out the best in others; thinks strategically about the continual need for a next generation of leaders and works to build the leadership base.

Bachelor’s degree


Required Schedule:  Work week is normally Sunday and four other weekdays with Wednesday evening rehearsals and occasional Saturdays.

Qualified candidates please submit resume and cover letter to .