Adult Learning

At PHPC we believe that the purpose of adult learning is to help people make spiritual sense out of their lives and the world. Learning is not an end in itself. Instead, we learn with the purpose of growing in faith and being sent out into our everyday lives and the world as disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Sunday School

These classes meet weekly on Sunday mornings (9:30 a.m.) for study and fellowship. There are classes for young parents, couples, and those of all ages and stages of life.

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Bible/Theology Studies

There are several Bible studies that meet on various days and times throughout the week. Classes run for twelve weeks in the fall and twelve weeks in the spring. No prior knowledge or experience necessary.

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Book Studies

We offer several short-term book studies aimed at different ages and stages of life, as well as liturgical seasons. These studies take place at PHPC and are led by pastors and staff.

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Short Term Series

Studies that meet throughout the year and last anywhere from one to six weeks. Topics range anywhere from deep-dive Bible study, to book studies, to issues of current social concern.

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Speaker Series

Twice yearly, PHPC invites notable speakers and authors to come share their message in our Sanctuary. Past guests have included Glennon Doyle, Kate Bowler and Rev. Dr. Rodger Nishioka.

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Living Classroom

Two annual opportunities to learn and grow in faith through pilgrimage travel experiences to the Holy Land and the American South on our Racial Justice and Equity Pilgrimage.

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Table Groups

PHPC’s small group ministry, these groups meet weekly for eight weeks for Bible study, food, and fellowship. Groups are launched once in the fall and once in the spring.

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Digital Discipleship

In an increasingly digital world, we encounter God through videos, podcasts, and online media. Engage the PHPC community wherever you are through our original digital content.

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Social Spirituality

Opportunities to gather together for meaningful community and conversation. Various locations around Dallas. Check back here for upcoming events!