Children's Ministry Update

    June 10, 2021 | News by Rev. Sarah Are

    On Tuesday, June 15, the staff will gather in the Atrium to celebrate and say goodbye to our Interim Children’s Director, Sarah Bennett. Sarah joined our staff in the middle of the pandemic, to help keep the children’s ministry afloat after we said goodbye to Ann Nielsen. Over the course of the last year, Sarah recorded dozens of virtual Sunday school videos, planned playdates in the park, hosted a fall fest for our fifth and sixth graders, coordinated the Easter egg hunt, sent home Advent and Lent bags, organized baptism arrangements, and prayed for the families of this congregation. Ministry is never easy work, but it is particularly hard in a pandemic. In this season of transition, we give great thanks for the creativity, leadership and faith of Sarah Bennett. Without a doubt, we would not have seen 120 joyful children in Founders Hall this past week for VBS, had it not been for Sarah’s faithful ministry this past year.  

    Now you might be wondering, what’s next for children’s ministry at PHPC? I am pleased to share that we have a committee of parents and members who have been interviewing candidates for a permanent children’s ministry replacement. The search committee has met several times and are in the final stages of the interview process. We anticipate and hope to have a full-time replacement this summer. In the meantime, families are welcome and invited to reach out to Michael Groff, Rev. Caroline Braskamp, and myself, for questions about programming or for pastoral care updates.

    It is an honor to walk with you all through this season, and I look forward to what God is doing in this community in the weeks to come.

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