Elder/Deacon Class of 2023

    March 02, 2020 | News

    At the congregational meeting on March 1, PHPC approved the nominations set forth by the CNC for the officer class of 2023. Meet our new elders and deacons below!


    Todd Anderson

    Todd is involved in the ‘Friends in Faith’ Sunday School class. He has been a Confirmation Sponsor, a Session member, Chair of Evangelism and Membership Committee and served on the Finance Committee. He has served on the board at Preston Hollow Presbyterian School. He and his wife Stephanie have three children. “I see an opportunity for us to be a beacon of hope and a vision of what is possible if our faith community works with others to expand God’s vision starting here in Dallas.”

    Allyson Cochran

    Ally and her husband Kyle joined PHPC in 2019, and is involved in The Thread Young Adult ministry, and attend Worship at Five. She also leads a young adult small group. “My hope for PHPC is that we truly embody what it means to belong to God and to one another. I hope to help us invest in the growth of our members by providing abundant opportunities for community and growth to happen for every age, gender and type of family. I hope to see us invest in our staff for the hard work that they do. I hope that anybody, from any walk of life or background, no matter the baggage they carry, can find a home here.”

    Claire Eastman (Youth Elder)

    Claire attends Lake Highlands High School and sings with the PHPC Youth Band and Youth Choir, and attends Worship in the House every Sunday and Senior High Bible Study on Wednesday nights. She is currently in her third youth musical.Her parents are Marjorie and David Eastman, and she has two brothers. “I hope everyone always feels welcome as Preston Hollow, and that we can have constant activities and programs that allow all people to have a space to meet others and have fun.”

    Carolyn Lewis

    Carolyn has served as a Deacon, a volunteer in the Epiphany Ministry, and sings in the Sanctuary Choir. She and her husband Jim have two sons. “My dream for PHPC is be the church Christ calls us to be: spiritually grounded, joyfully worshipping, intentionally welcoming and lovingly committed to serve our brothers and sisters, wherever they may be.”

    Jenny Winkelmann

    Jenny is a lifelong member of PHPC. She is active with the children’s ministry -- helping with kinder choir, volunteering at VBS, and  will be co-chairing VBS 2020 and 2021. She is a member of the Covenant Community Sunday School class, and participates on the Worship & Music Ministry Task Force. She and her husband Will have two children. “PHPC has always felt like home to me, even during the darkest and loneliest times of my life. This church is a place of warmth and love. It is why I decided to raise my children in this community of faith. I want others to have that same feeling coming to church.”

    Jeff Zsohar

    Jeff is a lifelong Presbyterian who grew up at First Presbyterian in Dallas. He and his wife Jennifer have four children, and are active at PHPC with the Covenant Community class and the Children’s ministry. He is a physician who leads medical mission trips to Haiti and Honduras. “My hope is that we continue to enrich our faith through being together in community. My dream is for our community to grow and extend beyond the walls of PHPC and across Dallas.”


    Suzanne Baxter (Youth Deacon)

    Suzanne is a student at Hockaday, where she is active in the community service program, drill team, debate club, and more.  At PHPC, she has attended many youth trips and service projects, and is in the upcoming musical. “I hope that everyone at PHPC is cared for and that every youth in youth group feels welcomed and loved!”

    Regan Drake

    Regan has taught Sunday School and VBS, been a Confirmation sponsor, served on an EPNC, and volunteered with Feed My Starving Children and McShan Reading Academy. She also became our Tornado Relief Efforts coordinator last fall. She and her husband Scott have two children. “I hope to build deep, personal relationships with members, so I, as a deacon, am not just a “face” but a friend.”

    Ron Gordon

    Ron is a lifelong Presbyterian who has served as an Elder at NorthPark Presbyterian Church.  At PHPC he serves outreach communion, and volunteers as an usher and on the Flower Team delivering sanctuary flowers after worship. He and his wife Judy are also part of the long-term health care visitation teams. “I hope to continue PHPC’s tradition of care and comfort for our members, to be attentive and open to the Holy Spirit’s guidance in seeking new opportunities and ideas to serve the PHPC family.”

    Courtney Petruska

    Courtney grew up at PHPC and is on the Epiphany Ministry board. “I hope that members of the congregation always know they have a home at PHPC that will support them, encourage them, cheer them on in their blessings, and comfort them in times of need. That’s what I’ve always found here, that no matter what is going on in my life my church home understands and brings me closer to God.”

    Steve Stewart

    Steve and his husband Paul joined PHPC in 2017. Steve sings in the Sanctuary Choir. “I hope to become more involved in serving the needs of the church in whatever capacity I am able.”

    Gail Stoke

    Gail has volunteered with McShan Tutoring and Vickery Meadow Summer Reading Academy. She went on the  Racial Justice and Equity Pilgrimage last year, and has attended retreats at Mo Ranch and Springhill. She and her husband Stan have four children. “My hope is to serve in the capacity needed at PHPC and the Dallas area community in order to support the vision and mission of our church leadership and congregation.”

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