New Officer Slate - Class of 2022

    March 04, 2019 | News

    Yesteday at a congregational meeting called by the Session, we voted on the new slate of Deacons, Elders and Foundation Board members for the Class of 2022. These are exciting days for Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, and we give God great thanks for the ways God’s call continues to guide all of us.  

    A Report from the CNC

    Dear PHPC Members,

    We are pleased to present the following for your approval:

    Five nominees for the Elder Class of 2022
    A Youth Elder to serve for a one-year term in 2019-20
    Five nominees for the Deacon Class of 2022
    A Youth Deacon to serve for a one-year term in 2019-20
    Five nominees for the PHPC Foundation Board
    Nominees for the 2020 Congregational Nominating     Committee

    These individuals were chosen from the many names suggested by the congregation, our pastoral staff, and by the Congregational Nominating Committee. The selection criteria include worship attendance; participation and leadership in church activities; evidence of commitment to PHPC and its mission; evidence of Christian living in daily life; pledging or other identifiable forms of financial support of PHPC; length of membership at PHPC; and willingness to listen, learn, and serve together. Additionally, we selected these nominees with an eye toward matching particular talents with the needs of each assignment.

    We thank you for your involvement in the nominating process. We are blessed to have such a talented congregation.

    Respectfully submitted,

    2019 Congregational Nominating Committee

    Class of 2022 Elders

    Abby Roberts (Youth Elder)

    Abby Roberts (Youth Elder)
    Abby is a student at TAG Magnet School. She volunteers as an usher and sings in the Youth choir.  She is involved with CISV, an organization that strives to create world peace through building global friendships, and Best Buddies, an organization that works to improve the lives of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

    “I hope for PHPC to continue to strengthen our children’s and youth ministry, and I hope we can make the Youth House wheelchair accessible.”

    Ruth Fitzgibbons

    Ruth Fitzgibbons

    Ruth is a former editor of D Magazine and leader of the nonprofit branding practice team at The Richards Group. She is married to Brian McGauley and has two sons. She is currently a trustee on the PHPC Foundation Board and joined the church in 1966, rejoining after college and 10 years in New York.

    “My vision for our future is actually already in view -- worship energized by inspiring preaching and music, varied, continuous opportunities for study and spiritual growth, and -- most exciting -- plans in place and on the horizon to make a true difference in the lives of neighbors who are less fortunate than we.”

    Hunter Kennedy


    Hunter and his wife Rachel have one son, Will, and have been members since 2013. He works as a Petroleum Landman, and has volunteered with the Generosity committee, Youth ministry, and as a Table Group leader.

    PHPC has put down strong roots throughout the greater Dallas community, that I have not yet been able to fully appreciate. My hopes for our congregation is that we continue to strengthen those roots, but to be mindful in planting new ones in meaningful ways, continuing to serve our community.”

    Nina Rayburn

    Nina is a Senior Strategist at TMA, a marketing agency. She has lived in Dallas for six years, but grew up in Davenport, IA, where she sang in Steve Jobman’s choir at First Presbyterian Church! She is active at Worship at Five and in the Young Adult ministry, and is a member of the Generosity Committee and a volunteer at CitySquare.

    “I‘m excited to see us bring our vision to life in our community, as leaders capable of solving social challenges with creativity and true compassion.”

    Charles Rutherford

    Charles is an Orthopedic Surgeon and has been a member since 1967. He and his wife Annette have two children, Allison and Kimberly. He has previously served as an Elder, Sunday School Teacher, and Staff Committee member.

    “It is my sincere belief that the majority of our social problems are rooted in society’s loss of a moral compass provided by faith. Paul warns us in Acts that “savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock.” He instructs us to be shepherds of the church. My hope is that PHPC will be the place where the lost and frightened sheep among us can find safety, hope, faith and God’s healing.”

    Lacy Schultz

    Lacy is a Residential Realtor with Dave Perry Miller Real Estate. She and her husband Nate have two daughters, Gretchen and Courtney. She’s been a member for 10 years, and teaches Sunday School and is involved in the Children’s ministry.

    “My dream for PHPC is that we grow the congregation by continuing to engage our members and recruit new members, especially ages 25-35. Continue to educate the congregation about the needs of many in our city and provide opportunities to serve throughout the year.”

    Class of 2022 deacons

    Eleanor Miller (Youth Deacon)

    Eleanor is a student at Carroll Senior High School, where she is active in the art program. At PHPC, she is involved in the Youth Council and performed in the musical last year.

    “I hope to help new members of our congregation feel welcome in this church, and make sure they feel like they belong as well. I also plan to get to know as many people from the congregation as possible, and to develop good relationships with them too.”

    Sarah Bennett

    Sarah is the Managing Editor of D Home and D Weddings, and has been a member since 2009. She is active in the Young Adult ministry and volunteers with the Youth ministry, as well as on the Communications and Generosity committees.

    “I believe that the church is a community in which you get out what you put in, and this year, I have been happy to expand my involvement through the youth and young adult programs. I look forward to serving as a deacon to develop that connection even further.”

    Janet Birkhoff

    Janet and her husband John have been members since 1990 and have four children. She is a member of the Faith Bible Discovery Sunday school class and an usher. She has also taught Children’s Sunday school. She volunteers at Literacy Achieves, McShan Elementary and North Dallas Shared Ministries, and also serves on the Board of Preston Hollow Presbyterian School.

    My dream is that our large church feels like a small church, and that more people become involved in our various small groups. We should exemplify our vision statement.... “Living like we belong to one another.”

    Sally Dutter

    Sally and her husband George have been members since 1994. They have two children. She has been involved in the Children’s ministry and participates in Table Groups. She is a Board member for the Women’s Auxiliary to Children’s Medical Center and Community Partners of Dallas. She also volunteers at Genesis Women’s Shelter.

    “I hope everyone in the congregation can find a way to feel a part of a group, to serve and share their gifts, and to learn and grow.”

    Greg Homan

    Greg and his wife Caroline have been members since 2004 and have two children. He works as a software engineer.  He volunteers as a Sunday School teacher and on the Youth ministry team. He also volunteer at W.B. Travis Academy and is a Board Member at the Friends of Travis Nonprofit.

    “I am so grateful to belong to a church that my children feel a strong connection with. My hope is that we will continue to invest in our youth programs and find even more ways to help our young members stay connected as they move into adulthood.”

    Bruce Wall

    Bruce is the Chief of Nephrology atTexas Health Dallas Presbyterian Hospital. He and his wife Carol have been members since 2006 and have two children, Alex and Katie. Bruce volunteers in the Youth ministry and attends Worship at Five. He has an active interest in palliative care and hospice type care at home.

    “My dream is an increased footprint in Community Youth - our program can only increase in size.”

    Foundation Board

    Cindi Anthony

    Cindi is the owner of Anthony Properties and has been a member since 1981. She and her husband Jay have three children and two grandchildren. This is her second term on the Foundation Board, where she serves as Chair of the Grants Committee and and a member of the Communications Committee. At PHPC, she has served as treasurer of the Malawi Mission Team for 10 years and is a former Board member and past president of Literacy Achieves. She has also served as Board president of the Family Place and Alcuin School. She is a strong advocate for education and is an enthusiastic volunteer at McShan Elementary.

    Diane Brown

    Diane is an Elder who has served in diverse capacities through the years -- from chairing the Jubilee cookbook to the stewardship campaign, children’s Sunday School teacher to the Springhill board. More recently, she spearheaded the Youth House and Parlor renovations and served on the EPNC. This will be her second term on the Foundation board. She and her husband Sandy have two children, Sarah and Will, and have been members since 1994.

    “I hope all church members will become familiar with the Foundation. It is a unique resource that allows our church to dig deeper and reach farther in serving God’s kingdom.”

    Karen McCracken

    Karen and her husband Tom have three children and two grandchildren, and have been members since 1990. This is her third term on the Foundation Board. At PHPC, she is involved in Race (Still) Matters, is a Table Group facilitator, attends the Pastor’s Bible Study, and volunteers as a memorial usher and prayer cordon member. She also volunteers for CitySquare and the MoRanch Board of Trustees.

    Joyce Roth

    Joyce and her husband Lee have two daughters, Nikki and Elise. They have been members since 1988. This is her first term on the Foundation Board. She is a former Elder and choir member, and was very active in the Youth ministry.

    Jose Stewart

    Jose is an attorney, and has been a member since 1985. He and his wife Suzanne have one daughter, Brittany. He’s been a member of the Sanctuary Choir for 24 years, as well as an Elder, Board member at Literacy Achieves and member of the Property Committee. He is involved in the Malawi ministry and Men’s Breakfast. “My dream for the PHPC Foundation is a larger presence and force for change in the community.”



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