Sermon Series Begins January 12

    January 11, 2020 | News by Rev. Matthew Ruffner

    There are things we don’t talk about, things we sweep under the rug and close off from our hearts and minds. We often think it’s easier to push things below the surface and not acknowledge them, and when the do resurface we feel like we may be the only one struggling. We are going to seek to shine a light on the tender places of our hearts, because we believe the gospel has something to say to our most vulnerable questions about life, love and work. Together we are going to claim that all parts of our lives are worthy, for there is no part of our life that is separate from God. We invite you into this brave and holy space.

    January 12-- Vocation
    January 19-- Loneliness
    January 26—Youth Bring a Word                                                                                     February 2-- Grief
    February 9--Relationships
    February 16-- Shame                                                                                 
    February 23-- Perfection

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