Welcome to Our New Youth Director

    December 13, 2018 | News

    The session has assessed that there is room to grow in the youth ministry area, so after looking long and hard, far and wide, we are happy to announce the hiring of our new Director for Youth Ministries. The director's responsibilities will primarily focus on the nurture and care of our 7th and 8th grade youth. That job includes leading all junior high summer trips and lock-ins, overseeing Junior High Sunday school, and being a relational source of support for those youth.

    We are pleased to introduce you to Maggie Johnson! Maggie is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas, and is a born and bred Presbyterian from Second Presbyterian Church in Little Rock. She is a current senior at the University of Tulsa, majoring in Psychology. She will start at PHPC after she graduates in May.

    Maggie has been a Small Group Leader for both Mo-Ranch and Montreat, and served as the Second Presbyterian Youth summer intern. She is currently on the Event Team for the 2019 Montreat College Conference and a co-director for Montreat Youth Conferences 2020. “I am so excited about all the joy and love that fills Preston Hollow,” says Maggie. "The staff is so welcoming and encouraging of one another, and I cannot wait to be a part of it. Youth Ministry is a place where connections grow, conversations develop, and youth learn what an important role they play in the church today.”

    Rev. Sarah Are, Associate Pastor for Youth and Young Adults, is excited to have Maggie on board. "Maggie is an amazing find for PHPC,” she says. "Maggie and I first met at Mo-Ranch this past summer where she was volunteering as a small group leader. Right away I could tell that Maggie was mature beyond her years and knew what it meant to do church well!. Maggie is smart, talented, driven, compassionate, well versed in the youth ministry world, a and most of all- loves God and this church.

    Please help us in welcoming Maggie this summer! @ Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church

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