What's Next? Commit Sunday, Howard Parker, and more!

    November 14, 2019 | News by Rev. Matthew Ruffner

    This Sunday, we will celebrate Commit Sunday at PHPC. It’s an important Sunday for the life of our community. Our commitments allow us to live out the ministry that God calls us to both inside and outside the walls. It is a Sunday that we should look forward to and celebrate. I’ve thought about the myriad stories we have heard over the past four weeks from members in our congregation about why Preston Hollow is their number one giving priority. I have been inspired by families who make Preston Hollow a priority because it helps them reprioritize what is most important in their lives. I’ve been deeply moved by the stories of those who have made Preston Hollow their number one giving priority for forty years, because PHPC is their center, their rock in the storm, their sanctuary.  
    I loved how Howard Parker (pictured above) put it, “I give because it allows me to be involved in the mission and ministry of the church, when I physically cannot do so.” I then asked him, “But, at 90 years old, aren’t you tired of giving by now?”  Howard shot me a look (that only Howard is capable of) and replied, “No way! How do you get tired of seeing the good work of the church? This whole week [the week of the tornado] I would have just been in the way. But I felt like I was there, because I have supported the ministry of the church.”

    Have you ever wondered, “Do our ministers make a commitment each year?” Or have you ever wondered, "Does the Session or Diaconate commit to PHPC?" I’m happy to say that Preston Hollow has a strong tradition of 100% commitment participation among the pastoral team and our active session. That remains true for this year, as your pastoral team has a combined commitment of $30,920 this year. Our Session has 100% participation totaling $
    135,390 this year.  
    I am grateful that the leadership of Preston Hollow has continued to foster the culture of generosity and faithfulness that continues throughout our entire community. It is because of your generosity and faithfulness ministry has continued through Preston Hollow for nearly 70 years! If you have yet to make a Commitment this year, you can do so, by bringing in your pledge card this weekend, or going online to www.phpc.org/give.
    Friends, I look forward to celebrating with you this Sunday as we offer our Commitments to God, as we seek to risk something big for something good!

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