What's Next? December 12

    December 12, 2019 | News by Rev. Matthew Ruffner

    Our church is incredible! No, truly incredible. By incredible, I don’t mean perfect. We aren’t perfect, but what church is? None. But, I believe Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church is an incredible community of faith! I’m going to run the risk of sounding prideful, but I love our church. I love our community. I love our team. I love our willingness to dream big. I love how we care for one another. I love how we gather.
    All of the things I love were on full display at our annual Carolfest this past Sunday evening. Our incredible Music Ministry team helped lead every musical ensemble of the church! We heard from our Kinder and Alleluia Choirs, along with our Jubilate and Westminster Singers. Each sung with grace, depth, and emotion. We heard from our Sanctuary Ringers, who rang with great fervor and precision. We heard from our Sanctuary Choir, all 110 of them! They were inspiring and Spirit-filled.
    It was a wonderful evening and an incredible display of our community. I want to thank everyone who is part of our Music ministry! I would also like to highlight the leadership of our Music ministry team; Steve Jobman, Michael Groff, Zach Light-Wells, Bradley Hunter Welch, and Jared Cook. Their leadership is a gift to our community!
    I look forward to the many ways we will continue to gather as a community this season.

    With great hope,

    Matthew Ruffner

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