What's Next? February 25

    February 25, 2021 | News by Rev. Matthew Ruffner

    You often hear me say that God takes our lives, gifts, and money and transforms them into ministry. I have the great privilege of witnessing this truth firsthand almost every day as one of your pastors. We can engage in the ministry in which God has called us because of your generosity and commitment to Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church.

    This year has been unlike any we have ever journeyed as a people. In a typical year, we would be wrapping up our annual Stewardship and Commitment campaign and celebrating the end of our work. This year is different.

    Currently, we have received 614 pledges totaling $3.61 million.

    132 families gave last year that have yet to make a gift this year, totaling $360,000. We are continuing to reach out to those families and families that have never made a financial commitment to the church to invite them to join the life-giving practice of generosity. We are counting on our entire community to help us reach our stewardship goal to continue to be the church in the world.

    You can make your commitment here.

    If you need a reminder of how God transforms our gifts, lives, and resources into ministry, watch the news story above that ran on Fox 4 News last night.

    It is a gift to share in ministry with you.

    With great hope,


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