What's Next? January 30

    January 29, 2020 | News by Rev. Matthew Ruffner

    I sat in the second to last pew at the 9:30 service this past Sunday. Rarely am I able to choose my seat in the Sanctuary! I didn’t think I was a back pew Presbyterian, but it turns out I might be!

    I sat in front of a couple who were first-time visitors to our community. I introduced myself following the worship service and told them I was grateful they joined us for worship and were able to be led by our young people.  They raved about the service and spoke of what a Spirit-filled service it was for them. Their words moved me, and I remarked, “You probably got a better sense of who we are as a community of faith today because you were able to experience faith embodied through our young people.” They agreed, and were excited to come back to Preston Hollow again next Sunday!

    I’m grateful that our young people agreed to lead a Sunday as part of our current sermon series, “Is it just me?” Not only were they fantastic, but they were also relevant, thoughtful, and challenging. I cannot thank them enough for the time and energy they invested in creating a worshipful space for our community. Thank you to our Youth Team; Rev. Sarah Are, Maggie Johnson, and Zach Light-Wells for their leadership! 

    I’m excited to have the opportunity to preach this coming Sunday as our sermon series continues. Our theme will be, “Is it just me?  Grief.” Our culture often tells us, “that we will move past our grief,” or that we will “be better one day.” That is not how grief works. We know that — especially those of us who are currently grieving. We will turn to an ancient story of Ruth and learn from her life how we might move forward with grief.

    If there is someone in your circle of influence, friend, family member, a co-worker for whom you think this sermon will speak to, will you consider inviting them to join you for worship this Sunday?

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