What's Next? July 1

    July 02, 2021 | News by Rev. Matthew Ruffner

    This year has revealed that heroes come in many forms. I think of the school teachers who educated and nurtured our children. I think of first responders, whose jobs are already among the most challenging imaginable, and the extra load they carried as they sought to provide safety and care. I think of those in the service industry whose jobs ensured we could eat and care for our families. I think of those that we will remember and honor this weekend who stood at attention at military posts worldwide.

    Finally, I think of the healthcare workers who are modern-day healers and their bravery by donning masks and gowns to care for the very first Covid patients. Sarah Ruffner has long been one of my heroes, and never has that been more true than this year! 

    In the Presbyterian Church, we don’t have saints because we believe we are all saints in our own way. We believe, by God’s grace, we are all capable of reflecting the light, love, and grace of the living Christ through our lives in powerful ways.   

    To honor the many heroes in our world, our community, and our lives, our PHPC Sessions will highlight front-line heroes in our community. The Sessions will kick off this Sunday evening. Please see below for more details on how to watch!

    I give thanks this day to all who have served and give God great thanks for the ways you have sought to lay down your life for others.   

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