What's Next? June 24

    June 24, 2021 | News by Rev. Matthew Ruffner

    I don’t know about you, but I’m eagerly awaiting the Central Market reopening at Preston and Royal. I’m ready to feast on the samples and buy Pam’s Pimento Cheese!  

    Central Market is a metaphor for the many spaces in our lives that we are beginning to reenter. It’s a familiar space, a routine, a reminder of where we have been, a physical marker of the weekly (sometimes daily) ritual of seeking nourishment. 

    I’ve been surprised over the past several months by the low-grade emotion that has lingered just below the surface of my daily life that finds me when I walk back into ordinary buildings. As I have entered back into spaces for the first time, I have been overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude, grief, and happiness.   

    It’s been true for our community of faith at Preston Hollow as well, and I imagine it’s been your experience. As we have come back to our church campus for worship, I’ve heard the common refrain over and over again, “I didn’t know how much I missed this place! I didn’t expect to feel so emotional when I walked into the Sanctuary. I needed this more than I thought!” 

    It turns out that space matters. We knew that all along, though suffering has a way of revealing what has been true the whole time. The wisdom tradition of our faith reveals that truth over and over again. It’s why in our sacred text, we read of our ancestors in the faith who are called to build sanctuaries, construct temples, or raise Ebenezers. In our faith traditions, we know that physical spaces matter because they are a symbol for the space we are to make for one another, and it orients us toward the interior temple held within ourselves. 

    Just as importantly, how and when we gather in that space matters. Next week, the Session will gather for their June meeting and are slated to receive a Sunday Experience Task Force report. 

    The Task Force Members are Todd Anderson (Chair), Rob Fix, Kathy Lett, Carolyn Lewis, Charlie Rutherford, and Jenny Winkelmann.  

    They will be discerning and recommending a Sunday education and worship schedule that:    

    • Reflects a vibrant community of faith     
    • Allows all generations to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ     
    • Reflects diversity of worship styles/opportunities     
    • Increases energy and a sense of belonging among the congregation   
    • Increases worship attendance   

    Please pray for the Session as we discern how best to begin to gather as a community of faith and find ways for our community to thrive together this fall. 

    With great hope,


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