What's Next? June 6

    June 10, 2021 | News by Rev. Matthew Ruffner

    An invitation arrived in the mail for a wedding shower. It listed the date, time, place, and then, “Attire: Snappy Casual.” Sarah asked, “What is snappy casual?” I said, “Button down, slacks, jacket optional.”  She said, “What does that mean for women?” I replied, “I have no clue. Maybe Google it?” 

    After a year of Zoom meetings, worshiping in our sweats, and gathering with our friends over Facetime in our official COVID uniform (workout clothes), we are emerging to discover we may have differing interpretations of dress codes. As we begin to gather back together after being apart for the past year, I want to invite you to come as you are this summer. 

    For some that will mean a seersucker suit, pastel bow tie, and white bucks to match. For others, it may mean a sundress and flip-flops.  

    For others, it may mean, well frankly, I don’t know.   

    To me, “Come as you are” means come as you feel most comfortable. What is most important is that we gather. Many of you have remarked over the past several weeks, “I just didn’t think I would miss it this much, and as soon as I walked into the Sanctuary, I remembered how important this place and our community were in my life.” I want to invite you to come as you are so that we can all rediscover the sense of belonging found in community.  

    I’m excited to kick off a new sermon series this Sunday! See below for a bit more about the series entitled:  

    Dusk. Dark. Dawn. Day. The Fourfold Path To Transformation. 

    Some have argued we do not have four gospels, but rather, we have one gospel told in four distinct ways, each helping to guide us through a particular stage of transformation.  I believe this fourfold path is reflected through creation: Dusk, Dark, Dawn, Day.   

    Personally, I have come to believe this fourfold path is everywhere and awakes us to the interior journey of transformation we are all on.  

    Join us as we begin to explore the Gospels through this lens, for it and moves us from mere religious beliefs, towards the transformative power of the Gospel.  

    Week 1: Dusk: Matthew: Climbing the Mountain 

    Week 2: Dark: Mark: How Do We Move Through Suffering? 

    Week 3: Dawn: John: Joy found down the mountain

    Week 4: Day: Luke: Joy Found Through Suffering

    Love and light this day.  


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