What's Next? May 21

    May 21, 2020 | News by Rev. Matthew Ruffner

    If someone asked me, “Matthew, what is the DNA of Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church?” I would respond, “Generosity!” That has never been more true than during this time. I continue to be overwhelmed by your generosity and faithfulness! Thank you for the time that you have invested in praying with and for one another. Thank you for helping donate over 10,000 pounds of food for the Vickery Meadow Food Pantry. Thank you for your donations of school supplies for McShan Elementary and Literacy Achieves. Thank you for the many financial gifts to help care for those on the front lines and the families most affected by COVID-19.
    I had the privilege of spending some time with Pastor Chris Simmons on Instagram Live today (you can click the blue button below to watch our conversation!) Pastor Simmons has been the Senior Pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church on the edge of the Fair Park neighborhood in South Dallas for more than 30 years. Our friendship has led us to partner together on various projects for the past year. In the wake of the shelter in place order, it was only natural for us to reach out to Pastor Simmons and see how else we may work together. Because of your generosity and faithfulness, we have been able to put together a housing fund of over $10,000 to ensure families will not miss a rental payment. We have been able to contribute volunteers and dollars to help provide some of the 1,100 lunches Cornerstone is serving each day. Not to mention our ongoing commitment and the additional resources committed to our other mission partners.
    Because of your generosity and your faithfulness, we continue to ask, “What else can we do?”
    Friends, I believe this is a season in which we are invited to double down on our faith and caring for our neighbors! Every season is an invitation for us to live out our core belief that all people belong to God, and therefore we are to live like we belong to one another. That has never been more important than it is today.
    Thank you for the many ways you remain engaged, invested, and committed to the life of Preston Hollow.
    With great hope,

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