What's Next? October 1

    October 01, 2020 | News by Rev. Matthew Ruffner

    It has been a great joy to see so many of you over these last few weeks at the congregational parade and drive-through communion! It has been wonderful to reconnect and check-in for a few moments. It reminds me of just how much I care for and love our community. These are difficult days in many ways, and we need one another.

    In that vein, you received an email yesterday that the Task Force has approved outdoor worship beginning October 11! You can read about that here if you missed the announcement. 

    This Sunday is World Communion Sunday, and the Sunday we would traditionally celebrate as Kirkin' O' the Tartans. World Communion Sunday began in the 1970s by the Presbyterian Church as a way for Christians from around the world to share in the Lord's Supper and to be reminded of our true identity beyond our nationalities, skin color, doctrinal beliefs, political persuasions, or denominational status. So this Sunday, we will join Christians from every corner of the globe and partake of bread and wine. We will come to the table as followers of Christ. I can think of no greater news or act for us as a people.  We will once again be reminded of our true connection and identity.

    I look forward to "seeing" you at the table.

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