What's Next? Tornado Relief, Commit Update and more!

    November 08, 2019 | News by Rev. Matthew Ruffner

    Our church started in the gym at St. Mark's School of Texas in folding chairs. Two weeks ago  a tornado destroyed that gym, but it did not destroy the spirit of generosity and faithfulness that was nurtured in that space many years ago. 

    For generations, we have been a community that cares for our neighborhood and reaches beyond the walls of the church building to be the church in the world. Faithfulness and generosity are in our DNA as a community of faith. Because of your faithfulness and generosity, we stood ready to care for our neighborhood in the wake of the tornado. 
    When the tornado hit our neighborhood, just blocks from the church, our first instinct was to help. We loaded down our ‘Holy Roller’ golf carts with supplies of water, coffee, and food. The church rolled into the neighborhood to care for our neighbors who were in shock and beginning to process the trauma they experienced the night before. Our church went to the people when they could not come to us.  
    Without your ongoing support, we wouldn’t have been able to respond so quickly. Your ongoing support and commitment enable us to hire the incredible team we have, connect with other organizations and people, to fuel the golf carts, to ensure we have a building and staff to organize volunteers and supplies and to help affected families.
    God transformed your commitments into ministry. Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church.
    Each year we ask you to pledge a financial commitment to the church and trust that God will transform your gifts into ministry. 
    This commitment season, will you risk God's generosity and consider making Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church your number one giving priority?  By doing so, will you join the generations before us in risking something big for something good for the sake of our neighborhood, city and world?
    See you on Sunday.

    Rev. Matthew Ruffner

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