Kirkin' o' the Tartans

Kirkin' o' the Tartans
Sunday, October 03, 2021, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

History of Kirkin' o' the Tartans

Worshippers gathered on Sunday evening, April 27, 1941, in Washington, D.C., at a special service led by the Rev. Peter Marshall, a Scot ,u1d the famed pastor (1935 - 1949) of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. Rev. Marshall later also served as Chaplain to the United States Senate (1947 - 1949). Attended by members of the St. Andrews Society of Washington, D.C., the 1941 service had Scottish airs as a prelude to the service.

 Designed to raise funds, this service sought to aid churches during the early days of World War II, as well as the British war effort, by providing a mobile kitchen. This initial, simple Kirkin' service later evolved into what is today the Kirkin' o' the Tartan held in many locations across America. Since 1954, an annual Kirkin’ o’ the Tartan has been held at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

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