Sanctuary, Chapel and columbarium

The Flower Reservation Calendar is located on the wall in the hallway across from the main church office. The calendar for the coming year is posted by the first Sunday in December. Dates are available all year except for three Sundays in December, Palm Sunday, and Easter Sunday. In December, you may reserve a poinsettia arrangement and on Easter you may reserve a lily. 

To reserve a Sunday, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for your desired Sunday on the Flower Reservation Calendar.
  • Complete a Flower Reservation Form online below (also available next to the calendar in the hallway). Please fill out one form per date.
  • Return the form as soon as possible to the church as instructed with your check to ensure your requested date. Your reservation is confirmed upon receipt of payment. If you complete the form online, please bring a check to Helen Troy at the reception desk in order for your reservation to be confirmed.

To reserve flowers for the Sanctuary, the minimum cost is $150.

To reserve flowers for the Chapel, the minimum cost is $50 for one arrangement and $75 for two arrangements. During summer months, we do not take reservations for the Chapel.