The PHPC Foundation manages several endowed funds that have amounts available for grants to support the work of the church outside of its normal operating budget. 

Grants Awarded from Unrestricted Funds for Fiscal Year 2016/2017

Baylor Scott & White Hospital Clinical Pastoral Education    
Provides support for the educational requirements of staff to more effectively communicate with patients and families.

Pan American Schreiner Agreement ($5,000)
Scholarship for Pan American student to attend Schreiner University

Presbyterian Children’s Homes And Services  ($14,000)
Funding to lease 2 passenger vans for one year

Faith and Grief Ministries ($10,000)
Tree at Thanksgiving Square in support of July 7 police shootings

Camp Gilmont ($4,600)
Tabernacle Renovation Project

PHPC Handbells, stoles for pastors and pulpit paraments  

Upgrade of Audio Visual Equipment in Founders Hall           

U Kirk ($4,000)
Conference transportation for college students            

College, Seminary and PHPS Scholarships ($55,014)


Endowments disbursements for specific purposes for Fiscal Year 2016/2017

Black Estate ($36,000)
Supports WRR radio ministry

Ann Bond Fund ($1,015)
Provides counseling for individuals experiencing anxiety and depression

Choral Scholar Grant ($25,000)                        
Supports high school/college students as part of the PHPC choir

Early Music Grant ($14,600)
Supports Music Department of PHPC

Kidwell Estate ($8,000)                           
Supports Pastors Fund    

Fred & Barbara Meyer Fund ($25,000)
Supports Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church       

Malawi Fund ($5,100)
Supports Ministry of Hope           

Wilcox Trust ($18,000)
Support of Springhill Retreat Center and other ministries

Visiting Conductor Fund ($4,234)

The Foundation Board has adopted a policy that all grant requests must be generated through one of PHPC’s Five Councils or the Diaconate. If you are interested in submitting a grant proposal, please contact the head of the Council under which your request would fall (Community Outreach, Worship, Administration [Property/Communications], Discipleship, Evangelism and Membership, or the Diaconate). The contacts are listed below.Applications must be submitted by the Council and Diaconate Chairs to the Foundation Grants Committee Chair by October 14, 2016 for consideration at the November board meeting. 

If you have any questions, please contact Dan Lorimer, Foundation Grants Committee Chair 214-965-1662 or Trey Angel, PHPC Church Financial Officer 214-368-6348, ext. 139.

Grant Application