Living Classroom

Sometimes in order to learn, to see what God would have us see, we have to leave the people and places we are most familiar with and journey outside of our comfort zone. It is in moments of displacement, disorientation, and on the journey from one place to the next that God helps us to see in new ways. In other words, we often learn by leaving. 

Preston Hollow has two annual living classroom opportunities:

Racial Justice and Equity Pilgrimage  

At Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, we believe that God is calling us to do the messy and holy work of racial reconciliation and dismantling the crippling weight of white supremacy. We know we will not always get it right or have all the answers. But we know we have to risk and stumble forward together. We believe that any authentic witness of the gospel depends on it.

This spring, we will embark on a racial justice pilgrimage from Dallas to the deep South to meet people, hear stories, and visit landmarks in the history of slavery, reconstruction, Jim Crow, and civil rights. The travel experience is intended to spark our imaginations toward greater racial justice and equity in the city of Dallas. 

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Holy Land Sacred Sites and Living Stones Pilgrimage

This spring, we will travel to Israel/Palestine to witness the sacred stones and historical roots of our faith, as well as, learn about the ministries of Christians and Muslims living in Palestine who are the “living stones” in the land of the Bible. The trip’s balance between sacred sites and living stones is intentional. Every year, tens of thousands of pilgrims visit the Holy Land but only see the ancient stones and archaeological sites, and miss out on encountering and being transformed by the lives of the people who are dwelling in the land of Jesus.

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