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Meals on Wheels

VNA Meals on Wheels provides hot, nutritious, freshly prepared meals five days a week to Dallas County residents who can’t provide for themselves due to illness, advanced age or disability. These meals contribute to the overall health and well-being of participating seniors, including those with chronic illnesses that are affected by diet, such as diabetes and heart disease, and frail seniors who are homebound. Without VNA Meals on Wheels these seniors would go hungry.

Volunteers not only serve as the eyes and ears for VNA Meals on Wheels, they also help improve our delivery efficiency. It costs $1,500 to feed a senior for an entire year. For every route a volunteer delivers in lieu of a paid driver, VNA can save enough money to feed a new senior for an entire week!  VNA Meals on Wheels volunteer drivers deliver once a week, once a month, or through their employer's Day of Caring Program. The volunteer delivers in their own vehicle of any size and VNA Meals on Wheels creates geographically compact, efficient routes that provide an easy and rewarding way to serve our homebound seniors.

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