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Pandemic Parenting Series

Feeling like parenting has gotten more difficult since March? Wanting to retool your parenting skills for this unusual season? Come join us on Sunday mornings, from 11:15-noon (Zoom) as we learn to parent our kids’ hearts, souls, and minds.

Parenting hearts

October 11: Emotion Coaching: How to Help Kids Handle Big Feelings
From Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child by Gottman

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emotion coaching printable

October 18: How to Support our Kids During this Season

Conversation with Counselor Nancy Umphres

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power struggle

parents as teachers

Parenting souls

October 25: Parenting for Anti-Racism

Based on Raising White Kids by Jennifer Harvey

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November 1: Q & A with Dr. Carolyn Helsel,

Professor at Austin Theological Seminary

Author of Anxious to Talk about It & ABCs of Diversity

Parenting minds

November 8: Discussion of The Yes Brain by Drs. Siegel & Bryson (part 1)

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November 15 Discussion of The Yes Brain by Drs. Siegel & Bryson (part 2)

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