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Counting Our Wins

Counting Our Wins

by Maggie Johnson on March 03, 2021

This past Sunday, we had our first senior high small group session. It was beautiful to hear the sounds of laughter and joy in and around the Youth House. The house felt like a home for the first time in a while. 


Our six weeks of senior high small group are centered around the theme “See You There: The Places Where Friendships Happen”. We believe that friendships are important, are worthy of talking about, and are a vital part of our Christian call. 

A few weeks ago, our junior high and senior high youth hosted a Souper Bowl Sunday food drive for the Vickery Meadows food pantry. The whole Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church community rallied and came together like the team that we are, and we collected the largest donation Vickery Meadows has ever received! 

This is the power of teams. This is the truth of friendship. We are better when we are together and when all have a part to play. When we see the need and our ability to do something about it, beautiful and holy things happen. The Spirit moves and gifts multiple. You, PHPC Youth, are living proof that God works in and through communities of young people to show up when the world needs care the most. 

Thank you for time and time again showing me what it means to be a person of faith. I am better for knowing each one of you. 


For our first week, we had a night full of Friday night football - games, snacks, and silly moments that remind us that not everything has changed since the pandemic first hit a year ago. During our devotional time, we reflected on teams. What does it mean to be a part of a team? What is a meaningful team that you have been a part of? Why did you love being a part of that team? 


The senior high in my small group all shared answers that struck me. They talked about the feeling of belonging that comes with being a part of a team. They confessed that even mistakes were welcomed on the best teams. One senior high stated that it felt good to build, improve, and do something together. 

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