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Music Ministry Sunday

Music Ministry Sunday

by Steve Jobman on November 04, 2019

On Sunday, November 10th, Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church celebrates God’s great gift of music with Music Ministry Sunday 2019. Many of the church’s musical ensembles will be participating in the 9:30 and 11 AM worship services, and there will be an abundance of glorious music, all to God’s glory.

The Sanctuary Choir will share a new anthem during the offertory, “Angels Visit When We Sing.” The original music is by Tom Trenney, the Director of Music of First Plymouth Congregational Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. The text is written by Thomas Troeger, a professor of Christian Communication at Yale University.   He is a well-known preacher, poet, and musician. The poetry “speaks” to the power of the sacred music we share:

Angels visit when we sing and the morning stars rejoice,

We can hear them echoing in each faithful heart and voice: Alleluia!


Angels visit when we sing as they did at Jesus’ birth,

And the music that they bring links the heavens with the earth! Alleluia!


Angels visit when we sing and remind us with their praise

Sin and death have lost their sting! For the crucified is raised! Alleluia!


Angels visit when we sing and our hearts are touched by fire,

As our hymns and anthems ring with the sound of heaven’s choir. Alleluia!


I love the imagery that the music of the world and the song of the angels is a direct link between earth and heaven. I invite you to preview the anthem and to personally experience the direct link to heaven available to you through music. 


 May angels visit us this coming Sunday, November 10 when we sing!

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