Small Group FAQs

How do we meet at the church?

Beginning May 5, small groups (under 30) and larger group gatherings (under 50) may meet inside the church building. Outdoor small group gatherings (under 50) and online options are also available

Where can we gather?

Inside the building, several meeting spaces are available with capacity limits designed to maintain social distancing between households. Because of considerations for the school, spaces in the North building will not be available at this time. Contact Helen Troy for more information about available meeting spaces at 214.368.6348 or

How do I schedule my group?

Groups must email/call the church office to reserve space and schedule their group. Please call 214.368.6348 or email Helen Troy at

Will there be childcare available?

Childcare will not be available at this time.

What safety precautions are in place? Do I have to wear a mask?

Properly worn face coverings are required inside the building at all times. For outside gatherings social distancing is still in place, masks are optional. 

Please read over our Covenant of Care before attending any events or groups on campus.

covenant of care

Are food and drinks allowed?

Gatherings that include food and beverage not permitted inside the building at this time. Groups who want to include food are encouraged to reserve outdoor spaces and use individual portions.

Will restrooms be available?

Yes, restrooms will be available near your meeting.

Is the building open to the public?

Beginning May 5, the church doors are open to the general public with drop-offs permitted and meetings with pastors and staff by appointment.

Is the building available for outside groups?

At this time the building is only available to members and PHPC groups.

Who do I contact with questions?

You can contact our front desk at 214.368.6348