Table Groups

Exploring our sermon series through community, food, and study.

Lent 2020: The Lessons of Holy Week

Holy Week is a story of politics, empire, and power that builds day by day. This Lenten season, we will travel through the Gospel of Mark and explore a different day of the last week of Jesus’ life each week for six weeks. Use the study guide to help your small group dive into the lessons this sacred week has to teach us.

Begins week of March 2 through the week of April 13
Pick up materials March 1

In the life of faith we are invited to move from Christ’s Table in worship to a common table outside the walls of the church—common tables are one place where we live out  the grace we experience of Christ’s table. Tables are also a reminder of Jesus’ intention and willingness to eat with anyone. Tables are a radical extension of God’s grace in the world.

Table Groups, PHPC's small group ministry, are a way that we gather in community to make spiritual sense out of our lives and the world. Groups meet in homes, restaurants, coffee shops, and various locations around the city throughout the week.

They are a chance to form meaningful connections through food, fellowship, and book/Bible study. Table groups launch two times a year - once in the fall and once in the spring.


Weekly Rhythm
Table Groups meet weekly for an hour and a half. During the 1st half of the meeting, groups participate in book/Bible study together with a guided curriculum.  For the second half, groups engage one another in the question, "How is your life in God?” Each session closes with prayer sharing joys and concerns.

Bible and Book Discussion (45min)

PHPC Table Groups do not have to have a single leader. Instead, groups follow a model of shared leadership and responsibility. Everyone in the group has the opportunity to facilitate the discussion (if they so desire). At your first gathering your group will decide who will facilitate each week. Other group responsibilities include snack coordinator, time keeper, and someone to keep track of prayer requests. Opening prayer, book and bible study discussion questions are provided in the curriculum.

How is your life in God? (45min)
The very act of asking this simple question on a weekly basis causes you to pay more attention to the presence of God in your daily life. Asking that one question at any particular group meeting might not seem significant, but asking that question in the presence of others on an ongoing, weekly basis, is a practice that the Holy Spirit can use to drastically change your life.  This time is not for sharing joys and concerns (that happens later!). This time is not intended to solve problems. It is a time to practice listening to others. It is a time to practice recognizing God’s leading in your life.


Table Groups are an initial six-week experience. Following the six weeks, groups are encouraged to participate in one service and one social activity as a group. 


Your table group will determine the type of food that you want to incorporate into your time together. It can be as much as a full meal or as little as cheese and crackers or cookies. These decisions are made by you group during your first gathering.


Childcare can be arranged for groups who choose to meet at the church on Sunday morning, Wednesday evening, or Sunday evening.

Interested in arranging childcare for your group? Email Rev. Sarah Johnson at