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PHPC Talk Series Topic for Spring 2015: Faith and the Media

The spring 2015 PHPC Talk Series will continue its Thursday evening dinner and speaker series.

The spring speakers will engage in the topic of faith and the media, exploring the relationship between religious institutions and conversation in the public square:

What role do religious institutions play in shaping the conversation in the public square?

What role do journalists play as a critique on faith?

How has the interaction between faith and the media changed?

What role does new technology affect the way that we engage and respond to issues?

The PHPC Talk Series promotes connecting our Christian faith with our community life, inviting important thinkers and public leaders to discuss some of the most pressing civic and ethical issues facing the city of Dallas and our nation.

A season pass for all three evenings is $25; individual tickets are $10.


  • Online using the form below
  • By phone 214-368-6348, ext. 252.
  • At the Atrium counter

All are welcome!


APRIL 23 • 6:30 P.M.

Twitter: @dmnsteveblow

Career track: Worked as a reporter at the Fort Worth Press and the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. Joined The Dallas Morning News in 1978. Worked as a reporter until 1989, when I began writing the column. 

Most unforgettable experience on the job: Probably flying in a fighter jet with the Blue Angels. Somewhere in the midst of that looping, zooming, twirling flight, I remember thinking, "I love my job." 

Something people don't know about me: In college, I worked in a funeral home. (It was more lively than you might expect.) 

If I had two spare hours, I would: See a movie, preferably one with lots of laughs and not a single gun battle. 

The secret of a good news column is: Introduce the reader to a person worth knowing. Or put into words the reader's own thoughts. Or best of all, offer a view that differs from the reader's, but in a way that intrigues, not antagonizes.

Hometown: Tyler, Texas

Education: Tyler Junior College and the University of North Texas

Talk Series General Information

PHPC's Talk Series events are open to members, guests, and the general community. The cost for the delicious catered lunch or dinner is $10. Dinners are held in Jubilee Hall and feature a noted speaker. The events begin at 6:30 p.m.

Tickets: Tickets are available at the Atrium counter two Sundays before the Thursday event. You can also use the reservation line (214-368-6348, ext. 252). Call in your name and number of $10 tickets desired, then mail your check (payable to PHPC) to PHPC, Attention: PHPC Talk Series, 9800 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX, 75230. Online registration is available below.

Questions? Contact David Gafford at 214-505-7070, or leave a message at 214-368-6348, ext. 252.

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April 23 Talk Series Registration