The Meraki Fellowship

The Meraki Fellowship is a ministry born out of Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, that exists to equip and launch future leaders of faith for both the church and the culture at large. Meraki Fellows will serve in a one-year, hands-on residency program, alongside our youth ministry team, with a focus in creativity, imagination and resilience. 

How is The Meraki Fellowship unique?

The Meraki Project is an incredibly unique experience- blending hands-on leadership and ministry training experience, with personal faith formation, vocational discernment, and intentional mentorship. 

How can I get involved with The Meraki Fellowship?
There are two primary ways to get involved in the Meraki Fellowship ministry. 1) Individuals can apply to serve as Meraki Fellows, or 2) churches can apply to become a host site for Meraki Fellows. To learn more about both of these options, please email Jeannie Corbitt at
Why is this ministry important to PHPC?

For the sake of our youth: Youth ministry requires a special set of skills that you can’t learn in school alone. Youth leaders need to be mentors, teachers, communicators, relational pillars, community builders, spiritual guides, trip planners, preachers, problem solvers, visionaries, budget makers, fundraisers, van drivers and more. In order to offer our best to our youth, we need leaders who have training experience in all of these areas. The Meraki Fellowship offers hands-on experience in all of these ways and more, giving our best to the youth.

For the sake of the greater church: According to Sustainable Youth Ministry, the average stay for youth director is 3.9 years in a single church. This turnover and burnout rate cripples the stability of our youth programs, hindering growth and relationship development. To counter this instability, Meraki Fellows will be receive intentional mentorship and vocational support, creating strong and sustainable leaders that can in turn, build strong and sustainable youth programs.

Research through Sustainable Youth Ministry has found that in order for churches to truly thrive, they need one full-time staff person for every 50 youth. Adding a Meraki Fellow to your staff allows your program to truly thrive.
Youth go where the numbers are. If you hope to grow your program, you have to build your staff for growth.

For the next generation of leaders: There are so many qualified people who would be incredible youth directors and leaders in the church if they had the right support, mentorship, and training. The Meraki Fellowship hopes to provide an avenue for vocational discernment, training, and mentoring, with the hope of helping young people build upon their natural gifts and passions for the greater good.