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Grants and Disbursements

The PHPC Foundation holds funds with restricted uses that are awarded to support the causes and organizations defined by donors in their giving directives. The Foundation also holds funds with unrestricted uses that are awarded to support PHPC, its missions, and broader community outreach.

Following is a list of grants and disbursements by the Foundation for the most recent grant cycle, ending June 30, 2023.

Café Momentum

A nationally recognized nonprofit restaurant and training program providing paid internships for justice-involved youth, ages 15-19. All interns must be enrolled in school, typically Café Momentum’s Academy, an accredited high school. Internships include 12 months of curriculum programming including restaurant, legal employment, social and life skills. In addition to helping interns work through issues such as anger management, trauma recovery, fatherlessness, and abandonment, case managers offer support in financial education, parenting classes, educational assistance, and career exploration.

Grant: $12,550 to purchase 80 student tablets, 80 tablet cases, 50 student hotspots, and 50 student headphones to support self-paced, online learning.

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Camp Gilmont

Founded by a group of Presbyterian families over 80 years ago, Camp Gilmont is a safe, sacred space used for spiritual growth and development. The property is used for camps, retreats, and conferences.

Grant: $10,000 to expand and repurpose facilities to provide more comfortable open air gathering spaces, to update the pavilion seating, build an equipment storage shed, and purchase sound equipment, lighting, and industrial fans.

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Paul Quinn College

Paul Quinn College is a private, historically black Methodist college affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Its mission is to provide quality, faith-based education that addresses the academic, social, and Christian development of students preparing them to be servant leaders and agents of change in the global marketplace. The college promotes a culture of “We Over Me.”

Grant: $29,864 to be used as start-up funds for a Digital Career Pathways Program. Funds will be used to establish an on-campus printing center having three objectives: to offer print internships for students, to provide printing services for the college, and to generate an ongoing revenue stream capable of sustaining the program.

PHPC – Prayer, Devotional Books

Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church – Discipleship

Grant: $10,000 to fund the purchase of “age and stage” prayer/devotional books to aid home-based faith formation within families. The books will help enable parents, grandparents, and caregivers to teach faith lessons and practice at-home prayer. To generate adoption and engagement, these books will be integrated into lesson plans for the PHPC Parents class on Sunday mornings.

PHPC – Speaker Series

Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church – Discipleship

Grant: $10,000 to bring best-selling author, Barbara Brown Taylor, to PHPC. In 2014, Time magazine placed her in its annual Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world. Taylor is scheduled to preach at PHPC on November 12, 2023 and will be offering two evening lectures on November 12-13.

PHPC – Youth Pilgrimage

Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church – Discipleship

Grant: $22,000 to subsidize the cost of the PHPC Youth Pilgrimage to Scotland and Ireland by $1,000/attendee. This grant reduced the cost from $4,000 to $3,000 per traveler and allowed participation by those who might not otherwise be able to travel.

Project Unity

Project Unity provides community programming and events that build and sustain a stronger, more united community throughout Dallas and North Texas as it relates to race relations and relations between law enforcement and citizens.

Grant: $50,000 to be used as follows:

  • Together We Dine ($35,000): To assist host organizations in covering the cost of food for these events. Many churches and faith-based organizations would like to host “Together We Dine” events but cannot afford the cost of funding the box lunch meals. (Note: PHPC will host Together We Dine in September.)
  • Together We Sing ($10,000): To provide transportation for ~100 children, primarily from minority communities to the Meyerson for a full day camp and Master Class, plus provide family tickets to the annual concert which serves as a fundraiser for the organization.
  • Together We Ball ($5,000): To provide transportation to the basketball “skills and drills” full day camp offered through partnership with the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Black Police Association.
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Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services (PCHAS)

Organization: PCHAS offers 12 residential and community-based programs across 28 locations under three main umbrellas of service: Foster Care and Adoption, Helping Children, and Strengthening Families. Its philosophy of care is family-centered, strength-focused, and goal-driven as it seeks to provide permanency for children and self-sufficiency for adults.

Request: $24,900 for Itasca, TX Foster Care Village pool renovation. Renovations will include plumbing repair, deck repair and painting.

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