Jaye Andrews

External Recruiting
Jaye Andrews joined PHPC in 2002 after moving from the Washington DC area to Dallas with his wife, Andrea, and young family (three daughters who grew in the Youth House at PHPC) in the summer of 2001. Becoming a Presbyterian initially by marriage, Jaye was baptized in 1990 and became active in their church in Bethesda, Maryland (Bradley Hills Presbyterian) throughout the 90’s. Upon joining PHPC, Jaye became active in teaching Sunday School to first through fourth graders for the better part of a decade. Andrea and Jaye have been active in the Friends in Faith group for the past eight years (teaching occasionally). Jaye was a deacon from 2014-2017, with a focus on deacon attending at memorial services which he has continued to present day. Graduating from Bucknell (BSBA) in 1985 and Maryland (MBA) in 1994, Jaye never significantly entered the business world, instead could not resist the opportunity that presented itself to him to teach middle school math and to coach high school basketball. While Jaye hung his whistle in 2014 after a 25 year coaching career, he has continued to teach math and is now a 30 year veteran in the classroom as a math teacher (the past 21 at Greenhill School in Addison). Since ending his coaching career, Jaye has been active in equity, inclusion, and social justice and serves on several faculty committees in this work at Greenhill.