Matt Yager

Corresponding Secretary/CLC Contact
Matt Yager and his wife Leslie have been members of PHPC since 2011. They have two daughters, Eleanor (10) and Marjorie (6) who are active in PHPC Kids programs and learning to actively participate in Sunday worship service. Leslie's parents, Kevin and Lundy Forbes are PHPC members and an important part of their family life. At PHPC, Matt serves as the Holy Roller coordinator and is one of the co-leaders of the PHPC Parents Sunday School class this year. He graduated from Austin College in 2003 and obtained a Master's in Public Administration from the University of North Texas in 2007. His professional career has focused on local government, having previously worked for the Cities of North Richland Hills, Irving and Dallas. For the last 13 years Matt has worked for the City of Plano. After starting in the Plano Budget Office, he now manages the City of Plano's real estate affairs. In his spare time Matt enjoys cycling, rowing, snacking and going down internet rabbit holes. If you need a kids podcast recommendation or someone to explain how a soccer club can be both champions of Europe and the third best team in their city at the same time, he's your guy.