Every Dollar Counts

The Gospel of Luke tells us a story of Jesus witnessing a poor widow giving two small copper coins into the temple treasury. Moved by this small gesture, Jesus exclaims to those who are listening that “she out of her poverty has put in all she had to live on” (Lk. 21:4). The widow’s offering of two small coins was an extraordinary act of faith. This story reminds us that we were created to be generous. Regardless of our own financial circumstances, we always have something of ourselves to offer God and to one another.

Our Every Dollar Counts (EDC) Offering designates the single dollar bills and coins that are given to Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church throughout each month to a selected ministry partner whose mission make a tangible impact in the lives of those they serve. 

To nominate an organization for the EDC Offering, please email: Rev. Kathy Lee-Cornell, . Nominated organizations must not be a current PHPC Community Outreach Ministry partner.


PHPC Care Packages for Graduates of Presbyterian Children’s Homes & Services 

The PHPC PCHAS Grad Support ministry sends much needed encouragement and care packages to PCHAS Advanced Education students. The students receiving homemade care packaged are students who have been in PCHAS group home care for at least a year or more and most have graduated while in PCHAS care.  

These are young adults who have overcome incredible odds as most experienced abused or neglected as children. PCHAS provides emotional and financial support to these students while they are in continuing education programs. Many students upon graduating from college comment on the incredible impact these PHPC care packages have on their academic experiences. Many of these students do not have family or parents who are supporting them or encouraging them along the way so these small tokens of support from PHPC mean so much to them.  

A former student shared with the PCHAS staff how "the care packages always came at the right moment when I was on the verge of giving up. There was always a gift card or something in there that would give me a boost". On average across the nation only 3% of children who age out of foster care will complete college. By providing encouragement and love to these students, we are helping to raise that statistic by supporting hard working young adults who are so deserving to be a part of the PHPC family.