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Give the Gift of Hope!

During this Christmas season of gift-giving, the PHPC Malawi Mission Team invites you to give the gift of hope to our friends and partners in mission in Malawi, Africa!

For over 20 years, PHPC has witnessed the incredible leadership, strength, and faithfulness of our Malawian Presbyterians, whose ministries proclaim the nearness of God with us all. Your gifts in support of these ministries are more than financial gifts. Today, you give the gift of care, livelihood, water, home, vocation, and education. In other words, you are giving gifts of hope, as we wait for the hope of the world to come.

Gifts of Hope

Mzuzu Crisis Nursery & Family Center

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Within the heart of Mzuzu City stands a loving sanctuary for orphaned and vulnerable children who are embraced with care and joy. It's a place where newborns and infants find refuge due to medical complications and the economic hardships faced by their birth families.Babies are cared for in the nursery until they are about a 12-18 months old when they are reunited with their extended families. If families are unable to provide for them at that time, the children are placed with foster or adoptive families. Crisis Nursery caregivers strive to equip extended and adoptive parents with the skills and resources they need to provide a safe and stable permanent home for their children.

A gift of $25 will provide a day's worth of nutrition and care for up to five infants.

Embangweni Mission Hospital

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Embangweni Mission Hospital is dedicated to offering comprehensive, accessible, and patient-centered care that embodies the love of Christ. The hospital plays a critical role in delivering life-saving treatment and preventative care to over 100,000 Malawians residing in 250 villages. Once a month, mobile clinic teams venture into remote rural communities, reaching individuals who can only travel by bicycle or foot. In these remote areas, the clinics provide a wide array of essential medical services, including immunizations, prenatal care, family planning, AIDS prevention, and valuable nutritional education.

A gift of $100 will provide the necessary medications to sustain a mobile clinic for an entire day.

Ministry of Hope Feeding Center

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In a nation where government resources are scarce, the Ministry of Hope has stepped in to establish feeding centers across six villages in the central region of Malawi to provide daily sustenance to several thousand children in need. These centers represent a collaborative partnership between the Ministry of Hope and the local villages. Village leaders donate land for gardens and the feeding centers, while the Ministry of Hope covers the cost of seeds, supplies, and construction.

$100 will provide nourishing meals and essential construction supplies to maintain one of six feeding centers.

The Safe Transit Home

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For the past four years, the Malawi Mission team has provided critical funding for the Safe Transit Home sponsored by the God Cares Rights Foundation, a small locally-run organization based in Mzuzu City. The Home accommodates up to twenty homeless children who are referred by the government’s social welfare program and a local church. By offering shelter and a daily meal, the Home is able to encourage school attendance, provide counseling, teach COVID and HIV awareness, and on occasion, can reunite children with their families.

A gift of $130 will provide shelter and meals for 20 children living at Safe Transit Home.

Timalechi Nursery School

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Located in rural Northern Malawi, Timalechi Nursery School stands as a beacon of hope for over 100 young learners. This non-profit early childhood development center provides essential early childhood education and daycare services to students from farmworker families, many of whom earn less than $1 per day. For more than two decades, this school, founded by the father of PHPC member Helen Zimba, has served as a nurturing haven for children who might otherwise find themselves on the streets or toiling in the fields.

A gift of $250 will cover the cost of tuition, essential school supplies, a new uniform, and a nutritious daily meal.

Marion Medical Mission

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Since its inception in 1990, Marion Medical Mission (MMM) has worked tirelessly to construct over 42,000 shallow wells, providing a reliable and sustainable source of safe drinking water to more than 5 million individuals. Through the invaluable gift of water, MMM extends the love of Christ to impoverished rural communities in Malawi, Zambia, and Tanzania. Access to safe drinking water translates into improved health, sanitation, food security, and overall well-being for the most vulnerable residents of Sub-Saharan Africa.

A gift of $450 will provide a sustainable source of clean drinking water to 125 men, women, and children.

Malawi Surgical Training Initiative

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In Malawi, a critical shortage of surgeons persists, with just 25 surgeons serving a population of 14 million. Recognizing this urgent need, three years ago, the PHPC Malawi Team launched the Surgical Residency Initiative to support an aspiring surgeon through five years of post-medical school training. Upon completion, this candidate will devote their career to delivering surgical care to some of the world's most underserved populations.

A contribution of $1,500 will offset a portion of the Surgical Resident’s tuition and essential study materials for one year of surgical training, providing a tangible means to transform lives and improve healthcare in Malawi.

University of Livingstonia

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Founded by the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, the University of Livingstonia emerged as a response to the critical shortage of secondary school teachers in the region. Today, the University offers outstanding higher education opportunities across the Colleges of Education, Health Science and Theology. Graduates emerge as skilled leaders equipped with the knowledge and experience they need to make a positive difference in Malawi and beyond. Each year, PHPC strives to extend scholarships to two deserving students at the University.

A contribution of $2,500 will cover the cost of one year's college tuition for an outstanding student