Our Leadership

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Anne Edwards

Anne Smith

Charlie Humphreys

Chris Wright

Chuck Gall

Dana Cagle

Dave Jones

David Scott

Drew Dahlstrom

Jason Howard

Kris Kamm

Lee Coleman

Noelle Williams

Paige Frenzel

Robey Canaday

Sue McCoy


Amy Mina

Andrea Andrews

Cynthia Green

Debby Duty

Emily Harris

Jennifer Gunnin

Judy Melson

Kathryn Perry

Kathy Liebendorfer

Kathy Spero

Kristl Linenschmidt

Matt Roberts

Matthew Anderson

Michael Gargiulo

Patterson Perrin

Sophia Braskamp

Foundation Board

Beth Anderson

Camille Owens

Chuck Fuquay

Curtis Swinson

David Hall

David Wilson

Janelle Crays

John Livingston

Joyce Roth

Kathy Spero

Chair of the Foundation

Ken Gilbert

Linus Wright

Sally Dutter

Sharon Balch

Stephanie Haley