PHPC Serves

October 26-November 1

You are invited to join the entire congregation in participating in PHPC Serves Week! Each day of the week is an opportunity to engage in small acts of service, starting first from within and then moving out into the world.

Now more than ever, let us join together to love our neighbor as we love ourselves!

Challenge your family and friends to participate with you! Share your daily act of service and photos with us by tagging us on social media (#phpcserves) or emailing them to Rev. Kathy Lee-Cornell, .

Monday: Show Love to Yourself


  • Go for a walk and breathe deeply.
  • Write down 5 things you like about yourself.
  • Take a moment for silence and prayer.


Tuesday: Show Love to a Family Member


  • Text or call a family member you haven’t talk to in a while.
  • Finish someone else’s chore.
  • Make a treat for your family.


Wednesday: Show Love to a Neighbor


  • Write and deliver a note to check in with them.
  • Put an arrangement of flowers on their porch.
  • Make a treat for your neighbor.


Thursday: Show Love to a Friend


  • Text or call or Zoom with someone you haven’t talk to in a while.
  • Share your favorite memory of them.
  • Invite a friend to go for walk or an outdoor visit.

Friday: Show Love to your Community


  • Support a local business.
  • Deliver a treat or note of gratitude to essential workers near you.
  • Donate (items or funds) to your local food pantry or clothing closet.


Saturday: Show Love to Creation


  • Read the creation story in Genesis and give thanks to God.
  • Discover a new park or trail.
  • Create your own image of what comes to mind when you think about God.

Sunday: Show Love to the Church


  • Write a prayer to God on ribbon. Tie the ribbon to the church fence in Jubilee Courtyard or mail it to the church (attn: Veronica Smoot).
  • Attend a different type of worship service and notice how you experience God through that service.  
  • Write a message of hope and encouragement through our form here: 


By this everyone will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another.” – John 13:15