Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church is one of the most iconic and popular wedding venues in Dallas, Texas. Our Sanctuary and Chapel are each available for wedding ceremonies. Located in the heart of Dallas at the intersection of Walnut Hill and Preston Road, our stunning Georgian style church is the perfect place to begin your married life.

The following FAQs will get you started. You will find complete details on the next tab (helpfully titled Complete Details). Please contact our Wedding Administrator, Dawn Hall (214-368-6348 ext. 150,  ) if you have further questions. 

What is required to get married at PHPC?
  • A completed wedding application (click over to the tab titled Wedding Application).
  • Payment of the initial deposit plus the refundable security deposit.
  • Attendance at our Premarital class plus one-one-one counseling with the officiating pastor.
    Click here for information on premarital classes.
  • A meeting with our Director of Music and Wedding Coordinator.
  • Final payment thirty (30) days prior to your wedding date. 
Is there a baptism or membership requirement in order to be married at PHPC?

There is no baptism or membership requirement to be married at PHPC. However, PHPC members receive a special rate. We do require that one member of the couple be a Christian. 

Does the church require premarital counseling? 

Yes, couples are required to attend our premarital counseling class plus attend one-on-one counseling sessions with the officiating pastor. For those who do not live in the Dallas area, special arrangements must be made with our Wedding Administrator.

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Who can serve as an officiating minister?

All weddings at Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church must be performed by a pastor on our staff. However, with the prior approval of the pastoral staff, a visiting minister may assist in the ceremony.

Do you marry same-sex couples?

Yes. Performing a wedding for any couple, regardless of sexual orientation, is always at the discretion of the pastor.

Venues and Scheduling 

PHPC has two venues to choose from. The Sanctuary seats 900, and our chapel seats 140. Weddings, though usually scheduled for Fridays or Saturdays, may be held on any day of the week, except Wednesdays, Sundays and major holidays. Dates and times are subject to availability. We can schedule weddings one year in advance of the wedding date.


The officiant must be a minister of Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church. However, with the approval of the church, a visiting minister may be invited to assist in the ceremony. 


Couples must complete the Wedding Application and deliver to the attention of Dawn Hall, along with the initial deposit plus refundable security deposit. Once the church has approved the application, we will confirm your scheduled date, time and venue, the minister officiating your ceremony, and the total fee for your wedding. Please make all checks payable to Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church. Final payment is required thirty (30) days before the wedding. Some credit card payments can be accepted and must be coordinated through our Wedding Administrator.


Wedding rehearsals are normally scheduled for the evening prior to the wedding and are one hour in duration. All members of the wedding party and participants in the ceremony should attend. 

Premarital Counseling 

The couple is required to meet with the pastor who will officiate at the wedding and it is the responsibility of the couple to schedule these meetings directly with the pastor. These meetings will include planning for the ceremony and any other topics the couple wishes to discuss. These meetings are supplemental to attending our Premarital Preparation class. 

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Wedding Coordinator 

Approximately one month prior to your ceremony date, you will meet with your PHPC wedding coordinator to discuss all details (including all vendors) of your ceremony. Your PHPC wedding coordinator will be present during the rehearsal and ceremony to orchestrate the processional and recessional, and confer with photographers and ushers. The coordinator will also help to ensure that room arrangements and facilities services are in place as requested.


Couples should schedule a meeting with the assistant organist to determine the music selections for your wedding. During your consultation, the organist can also help to arrange additional musicians and/or soloists. Our music staff is responsible for music at all services. No taped or secular music is allowed at PHPC wedding ceremonies. 

Please see our Music tab for more details and music samples.


Under no circumstances may tacks or nails be used to fasten any decorations in place. Petals, rice, birdseed and confetti are not permitted to be thrown in or around PHPC. If the wedding flowers are remaining for Sunday services, or if you wish to use any of our urns for your wedding flowers, this must be coordinated with the Wedding Administrator.

Please click here to see urn specifications.


Dressing Rooms 

There are dressing areas available for your use on wedding day.

Photography and Videography 

Please discuss photography and videography with the pastor and event coordinator in advance of your wedding date. Photographers and videographers must follow the guidelines set out in our wedding policy are not permitted to come down the aisle during the processional or during the ceremony or use flash photography once the wedding ceremony has begun. 


Plenty of surface parking is available at PHPC for your wedding party and guests.

State of Texas Marriage License 

Couples must obtain a State of Texas marriage license prior to the wedding. Information, including an online marriage application, are available here.

Fees and Honoraria

For Church Members: 
Sanctuary - $950 
Chapel - $750
Officiant – Honorarium at the discretion of the member 

For Non-Members (inclusive of all fees and honoraria): 
Sanctuary - $1,850
Chapel - $1,400 

Note: If you are interested in having one of our pastors officiate your off-site wedding, contact Dawn Hall at   for additional information and cost. 


Couples should schedule a meeting with the assistant organist to determine the music selections for your wedding. During your consultation, the organist can also help to arrange additional musicians and/or soloists. Our music staff is responsible for music at all services. No taped or music or music not appropriate for worship is allowed at PHPC wedding ceremonies. Please email the music staff at   for more information.

music worksheet

Music Samples

Music FAQ

What is the first thing we should do in planning our wedding music?
Contact the music staff at 214‐368‐6348, x168 or by E‐mail:

Do we need to schedule a consultation?
It isn’t always necessary to have a face‐to‐face consultation. Above you'll find music files and a worksheet to help you choose music. Listen to the music; you’ll note that the worksheet suggests its appropriate usage. Most couples pick one selection for the seating of the families, one for the entrance of the minister, groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids, one for the bride’s entrance, and one for the entire wedding party recessional.

How do we use the worksheet?
The music files above provide short snippets taken from longer selections. You will hear the familiar old pieces as well as some newer pieces. Just mark your selections for processionals and recessional, and then pass that information on to the music staff. Keep the worksheet for reference.

Do we have to choose all the music played at our wedding?
Most couples choose the processional and recessional music, and music for the seating of the families. They are happy to leave the pre‐service music choices up to the musicians.

We love the string quartet. Could we have string music played at our wedding?
Yes, string music is beautiful, and very appropriate. I can recommend string players you may contact. If you engage the services of a string group, you will work with them in choosing the music they will play. The church policy guidelines still apply, and so I will need to know what the selections are.

We want a trumpeter to play at our wedding. How do we engage one?
We are happy to coordinate the hiring of a trumpeter. If you know you want a trumpet, let us know as soon as possible. Trumpeters often have tight schedules.

What other instrumentalists could we have at our wedding?
The harp, flute, oboe, or solo violin work well. (Classical guitar works well in the chapel.) Solo harp music is beautiful; the other instruments would need a keyboard accompaniment. This could be either organ or piano. We are happy to help you work out these arrangements.