A Christian Call to Advocacy

August 1, 2022

A crucial part of living out our mission to proclaim that all belong to God and to live like we belong to one another, is answering the Christian call to advocacy. 

As a church community, we have been growing into an ever-deepening awareness that it is not enough to feed the hungry, care for the sick, and help impoverished individuals. We are called to challenge and change systems that keep people hungry, sick, and impoverished. We are called to create systems that care for the most vulnerable in our communities. We are called not merely to alleviate poverty but to uproot it altogether. 

Responding to this awareness, the Uprooting Poverty Task Force created a document called “The Christian Call to Advocacy,” which offers a Biblically grounded framework to explain why we believe advocacy must be a part of our church’s mission and outlines a path towards faithful advocacy. Namely, the task force proposed the development of an Advocacy Mission Team. 

We are thrilled to report that the document and the creation of this new Mission Team were unanimously approved by the session this spring! You can read it in full here

Advocacy is a tense word in the current political climate; yet tension and difficulty must not deter us from the important work of uprooting poverty. We believe that by creating and equipping an Advocacy Mission Team, the church will be blessed by a group of wise leaders working to discern where God is calling Preston Hollow to use our time, resources, and gifts to advocate for justice, mercy, peace, and healing. 

Join us in celebrating the work of the Uprooting Poverty Task Force! In the coming months, we will dig deeper into what Christian advocacy looks like for Preston Hollow and how our voices can be used to uproot systems that keep people in Dallas in poverty. We will focus our efforts on PHPC's Mission Impact Areas of education, housing, and hunger. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Advocacy Mission Team, please email Chrissie Ozuna, Director of Mission and Community Impact, at cozuna@phpc.org.

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