A Prayer For Our Future

December 28, 2021

On January 6th our nation was rocked with violence. I remember talking to many of you who admitted to being glued to the tv that day, watching the events unfold in shock and in fear.

Two days later I got together with some of our senior high youth and asked them, "How are you all doing? How are you feeling? How did Wednesday's events impact you?"

Their answers were mild, passive even.
I was surprised, but then I realized that the violence of our nation did not shock them, because the violence of our nation is what they are used to.

I was shocked. They were not.

Our youth were born on the heels of September 11th, to a world of Sandy Hooks and AME Church shootings. For years, students have told me that their greatest fear is being killed at school. Many got their first cell phones in the midst of a debate around real and fake news, and on those cell phones many have seen footage of protests met with tear gas and other forms of violence. And based on countless conversations over the last three and a half years, I would bet that almost all of our youth know someone who has struggled with suicidal ideation or self-harm.

The world our young people have known has been violent, and that is not the world I want for them.

Regardless of how you voted or what you believe politically, I imagine that we can all agree on that.

So today, a week after we remember MLK and days after our nation saw a peaceful transfer of power, I pray for our future. 
I pray that our young people will know peace. 
I pray that our nation will know peace.
I pray that we can do more listening and less shouting. 
I pray that God will move through our community of faith, making us sowers of justice and hope moving forward. 
I pray for our young people.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow- I will be praying for our young people.
I hope you will join me. 

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